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Herdsmen, Villagers Fight for Grazing Land in Yobe

Mukaila Ola Herdsmen and villagers on Saturday engaged in a free for all over grazing land in Yobe State. The ensuing battle led to the death of a herdsman and the burning of farms and razing down of a building in the troubled village, according to the police. A message from the

We Have Beeen Marginalized by NEDC, Fulani Herders Complain

Mukaila Ola in Maiduguri Fulani herders have complained of being marginalized in the plans of the North East Development Commission (NEDC). The Kullen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria(KACRAN), one of the umbrella bodies of Fulani herders in a complaint by it’s National President, Khalil Mohammed-Bello accused NEDC of sidelining the

Killings: Eight Major Indicators Nigerian Government is Allegedly Aiding Herdsmen, Jihadists Attacks–Report

Jude Johnson *The rights group, Intersociety has released another report where it alleged that the actions, inactions and statements of the Federal Government of Nigeria is aiding and abating the sustained attacks and killings by suspected Fulani Herdsmen, Boko Haram terrorists and other Jihadist groups in Nigeria. The group renowned

Livestock Guards Recover Bodies of Farmers Killed by Herdsmen

The Benue State Livestock Guards have recovered two bodies of Tiv farmers killed by suspected herdsmen in Saghev/Ukusu district, Gwer West Local Government Area in Benue State. On Saturday, herdsmen attacked Tiv farmers said to be planting groundnuts and yams when the invaders opened fire on them. On Sunday, the guards in

Understanding Fulani Perspectives on the Sahel Crisis

By Modibo Ghaly Cissé The disproportionate representation of Fulani in militant Islamist groups in the Sahel has led to the stigmatization of the entire Fulani community. Reversing this will require renewed outreach and trust-building between Fulani leaders, government authorities, and neighboring communities. Fulani shepherds celebrating le retour du yaaral de Diafarabé in central