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Islamic State leader captured in Yemen

Leader of the Islamic State extremist organization in Yemen has been captured in a joint-Saudi-Yemeni operation inside Yemeni territory, a Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthi rebels said on Tuesday. Coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki said Abu Usama al-Muhajir and other members of the terrorist organization were arrested on June 3, official Saudi

France-led Operation kills 18 Islamic State fighters in Niger

Eighteen Islamic State fighters were killed in a joint operation involving French and Niger troops near the border with Mali, Niger’s defense minister said in a Thursday statement. That comes days after France and Mali said 20 “terrorists” were killed on the Mali side of the border during the same operation,

Islamic State claims 12 Nigerian soldiers killed in Gajiram attack

Islamic State claimed fighters from its West Africa Province affiliate on Monday attacked a military base in Gajiram in northeast Nigeria. In a Wednesday, June 19 statement, ISIS claimed 12 Nigerian solders were killed and others injured when ISWAP fighters attacked “a barracks of the apostate Nigerian Army” in Gajiram. It said

Islamic State attacks military base in Borno, kills commander

Godsgift Onyedinefu Islamic State claimed fighters from its West Africa Province affiliate reportedlly attacked a military base in the northern Borno state town of Kareto, killing the battalion’s commanding officer. ISIS in a Thursday, June 13 statement said ISWAP fighters attacked the base in Kareto with light medium and heavy weapons. It claimed “at

Islamic State puts the Sahel in West Africa – for now

Robert Postings Starting in May, Islamic State began to attribute insurgent activities in the Mali-Burkina Faso-Niger tri-border area to its West Africa Province affiliate. This region is far to the west of ISWAP’s normal operational area around Lake Chad, but rather than a westward expansion by that Nigerian-led group, these claims

Short of finance and manpower, ISIS adopts new guerilla manual to remain active in Nigeria, globally

•Group’s newspaper instructs on guerrilla tactics •After fall of “caliphate”, IS aims to expand globally  •Islamic State still seen as dangerous   Jude Johnson with Lena Masri and Ali Abdelaty (Reuters)   After losing territory, Islamic State fighters are turning to guerrilla war to expand globally and remain active in strategic locations including Nigeria and West

In Africa, all Jihad is local

Hilary Matfess  Last month, after an attack on members of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s military was claimed by the Islamic State, observers quickly voiced concerns that the militant group was making inroads into Africa. A U.S. Africa Command spokesperson said that there are “meaningful ties” between the Islamic State