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What China Wants and Why

By Tomas Pueyo Why is China increasing its assertiveness towards Taiwan? Why the Belt and Road initiative? Why the oppression of Uighurs? Why the occupation of Tibet? Why the creation of islands in the South China Sea? It all comes from the Hu Line. The Hu Line. Source: Tomaatje12 The Hu Line 94% of China’s population

China Airlift Mission Shows Off Capabilities in Disputed Sea

A recent air transport maneuver in the South China Sea shows Beijing’s bases on disputed reefs can handle large aircraft, unsettling a neighbor By Feliz Solomon An air transport mission by China’s military to island bases in the South China Sea has drawn a rebuke from Vietnam and raised concerns among security

Philippines Welcomes US Backing against Beijing in South China Sea

The Philippines welcomes an American commitment to back it should Beijing become aggressive in the South China Sea, Manila's defense department said Thursday, after Washington warned that an armed attack on the Southeast Asian nation would force the U.S. to aid its ally under a decades-old treaty. For weeks, the Philippine