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Over 129 Killed, Four Kidnapped in Nigeria in One Week–Security Tracker

Jude Johnson Over 129 people were killed in Nigeria in various conflicts across the country last week. Those killed include civilians, security agents, Bandits and terrorists, which is reflected in the weekly Nigeria Security Tracker by Ambassador John Campbell and published in Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Most of the culprits are Boko

Shoring up stability: Addressing climate and fragility risks in the Lake Chad Region

•Report from adelphi —View Original Download PDF (11.71 MB) The people of Lake Chad are caught in a conflict trap. Violent conflict between state security forces and armed opposition groups, poor governance, endemic corruption, serious environmental mismanagement and poverty have ruined the lives of local people. Currently, an estimated 10.7 million people need humanitarian assistance,

World, Nigeria failed to protect children in conflict in 2018–UNICEF

•Violent conflict affects almost 500,000 Nigerian children, education of 3.5m •Widespread violations against children in conflict continue in shocking year-on-year trend Senator Iroegbu  The UNICEF said that the countries and governments across the world including Nigeria, have failed to protect children in conflicts, puting at risk the education of 3.5 million