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SPECIAL REPORT: How Nigerian govt violated own laws, historical role by expelling Cameroonian separatists

By Evelyn Okakwu Despite widespread condemnation of the Nigerian government for arresting and detaining some Cameroonian separatists, they were on January 26 deported to Cameroon where they would be tried as terrorists. About 12 members of Southern Cameroon proposing an independent state of Ambazonia were arrested by Nigerian security officials after they

The two things that will determine Netanyahu’s fate

Editor's Note: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing his toughest challenge yet, writes Natan Sachs. The Israeli police recommended Tuesday that he be charged with bribery in two separate criminal cases. His political career is not over, but he is entering a major, perhaps final battle for political survival. This

Development, self-interest, and the countries left behind

By Sarah Bermeo  The world’s wealthiest countries today promote development abroad in a way that is relatively new. For centuries, some of these countries colonized the developing world. As former colonies gained independence they were caught in the international power struggle of the Cold War, often led by dictators who found

In Nigerian ‘Cash-and-Carry’ Politics, Ambition Is Only Constant

By Dulue Mbachu Politicians frequently jump across party lines in power quest ‘Failure of Nigerian political class’ cited by analyst Hassan   At recent rallies of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress for next year’s general elections, the list of speakers is often dominated by former members of the opposition People’s Democratic Party

The Chance of Accidental Nuclear War Is Growing

By Michael Krepon Recapitalizing the U.S. nuclear deterrent won't help. What's missing is a strategy and resources to reduce risks of cataclysmic accidents, miscalculation, and human error. The Trump administration’s nuclear posture statement comes at a particularly rough time, reminiscent of the transition from President Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan. Back then, an

Investigation: Intersociety alleges mass killing of Christians in Nigeria

Fingers three groups as culprits     The International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law (Intersociety) says it has concluded investigation into the killing of Christians in Nigeria, identifying three major groups responsible for the mass killings. The rights group also condemned the level of intolerance and attacks against traditional