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Nigerians pushing towards war unknowingly-Aregbesola

The Osun State Governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola, has said that Nigerians are inadvertently pushing the nation towards another civil war through hate speeches, wickedness and massive killings going on in the country. The governor said the nation was lucky to come out of the first civil war but stressed that Nigeria

The Asaba Massacre And The Nigerian Question

By Charles Ogbu For the people of Asaba, Delta State, October 7, 1967 remains a day they will forever rue, for that was the day the Nigerian state executed one of the worst forms of savagery against them. As I sat listening to a number of survivors narrate their experience at Grand

Meet the First Nigerian Army Female Officer

Meet the First Nigerian Army Female Officer   Why she retired before Biafran war By SNM     Editor’s note: Mrs. Josephine Okwuekeleke Tolefe, the first female to attain the rank of an Army Captain in Nigeria. She became Second Lieutenant (on Commission) on February 07, 1961; Lieutenant on May 09, 1961; Captain on

Somalia Resume Night Flight Operation 27 Years After Civil War

By Joan Ejembi 27-year- after a civil war broke out in the country, Somali have resumed night flights operation in its airport. The Somali government had announced in July that it had opened the airport for night flights. However, the first aircraft to implement the directive, the Juba Airways flight from Jeddah in Saudi

Rules for reconstruction in Syria

by Markaz On August 17, Syrian officials oversaw the opening of the first Damascus International Exhibition since the start of the Syrian uprising. Reflecting the triumphalism now widely on display in Damascus, the exhibition—an international trade fair—has been heavily promoted by the Assad regime, presented as a symbol of its victory

Not Every Civil War Is a Guerilla War

Definitions matter Civil wars have been given fairly blunt analysis for years. Security analysts have painted all civil wars as “guerrilla wars.” It’s also common for civil wars to be depicted as featuring near-constant fighting until one side either gives up or is defeated. Very few analysts account for the