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Tensions rise between US and Turkey

Turkish-U.S. tensions continue to escalate, with Ankara imposing a suspension on the issuance of visas for most American citizens in retaliation to a similar move by Washington. The tit for tat dispute hit Turkey's financial markets, as fears grow over long-term fall out. "It’s unheard of, even at the worst times

Putin Is Filling the Middle East Power Vacuum

Saudi king’s first visit brings another Mideasterner to Moscow Russia a ‘nimble boxer’ vs musclebound U.S., diplomat says By Henry Meyer and Donna Abu-Nasr The Israelis and Turks, the Egyptians and Jordanians -- they’re all beating a path to the Kremlin in the hope that Vladimir Putin, the new master of

UN Accuse Russia of Human Rights Violations In Crimea

By Babatunde Opalana The United Nations Human Rights Office has accused the Russian government of grave human rights violations in the occupied Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula. Agents of the Russian state were alleged to have committed serious human rights abuses, including torture since Russia occupied and seized control of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula, a

Russian Lieutenant-General Killed in Daesh Shelling in Syria 

By Babatunde Opalana The Russian Defense Ministry on Sunday announced the death of its officer, Lt. Gen. Valery Asapov. He reportedly died after sustaining a “fatal injury” in the “sudden Daesh mortar shelling,” while helping Syrian forces during the operation to lift the blockade of Deir ez-Zor. “Lt. Gen. Valery Asapov died in the Syrian Arab Republic as a

Turkey’s S-400 deal may tip the Nato-Russia scale

Turkey’s deal to purchase two batteries of the Russian S-400 air defence missile system – estimated to be worth $2.5bn – has followed months of rumours surrounding the purchase and its resulting controversies. Until November 2015, reports suggested Turkey was showing an interest in purchasing Chinese air and missile defence system FD-2000. Then