Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Ene Oshaba

The Coalition of Nigeria Youth Groups (CNYG) in collaboration with the Coalition of Civil Society for Good Governance (CCSGG) has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to intensify more efforts towards ensuring a free and fair election by February, 2023.

The Coalitions also called on the Judiciary and the Judicial system to desist from being manipulated by any political parties in order not to make nonsense of the gains already made to sanitise the polity.

CNYG Focal Person Comrade Maximilian Tashilani, made the call Friday in Abuja during a world press conference tagged “The roles of INEC and the Judiciary in ensuring a credible election in Nigeria” organized by both Groups. 

Tashilani assured that adequate voter education is the solution for delivering free, fair and credible elections, adding that such educations equip voters with knowing their rights and responsibilities. 

He however expressed worry that there is inadequate voters education, lamenting also that the difficulties voters undergo to collect their PVCS is unbearable.

“Aside the difficulties of locating ones PVC, they are also reports of missing PVCs.

“Our investigation has shown that such education embarked by INEC is inadequate, there are even nonexistent in some other places, leaving the voters vulnerable and at the mercy of unscrupulous politicians who tends to take advantage of the situation. 

“As we approach the 2023 general election, the Judiciary will definitely be in the eyes of the storm. 

“As Nigerians are enthusiastic about the coming election which is less than 50 days, alot of Nigerians have expressed fears on the manipulation of the Judiciary and the Judicial system to makes nonsense of the gains already made to sanitise the polity,” he added.

Tashilani recalled that recently, the Coalition of Civil Societies petitioned the National Assembly insisting on the sack of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tajudeen Ariwoola over alleged particanship.

He noted that Justice Ariwoola during a commissioning of a project in River State, made statements conflicting with the impartiality expected of the judicial arm of government. 

He added that the coalition presented a petition titled: Condemnation of CIN’s Interference in Political Issues’ to the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan expressing their fears in the neutrality of the Judiciary, especially on political matters.

“Examples abound where judges give contrary court orders, injunctions and judgements that do not have precedence in judicial jurisprudence. We have seen where courts makes nonsense of peoples mandate by declaring and installing people who were never voted for in an election, citing spurious reasons.

“We have also seen courts grant bail after conviction, even when the convict has not yet filled for an appeal.

The Coalitions therefore called all government institutions and agencies to live up to their expectations, and perform their constitutional roles as required by law without fear or favour.

“We shall continue to lend our voices to other voices of reason to ensure that Nigeria works for everyone irrespective of clan or religion. 

“As we will not condone ineptitude of leadership, we will not also allow our enthusiasm for democracy be taken for an endorsement of for Judicial rascality. We call on all Nigerians to rally round and encourage those institutions that poised that Nigeria works for everyone,” he urged.

“The general election is more than a deciding moment for the country. It’s a time where all well- meaning Nigerians must come together to uphold the unity,, sanctity and integrity of the nation

by ensuring free, fair, and credible elections,” he added.

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