Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
Jude Johnson

Some air passengers are currently stranded at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and other airports across the country as airline operators jostle for aviation fuel, amidst scarcity that is getting worse.

Aviation fuel, otherwise called Jet-A1, is a specialized type of petroleum-based fuel; used to power aircraft and; accounts for over 30 percent of the operation cost of an airline.

The price of Jet A1, otherwise known as aviation fuel; has risen to N700 per litre in some airports in the country.

Airline operators had alleged that some marketers were hoarding the fuel.

They said the marketers are causing artificial scarcity of the product in the country.

However, it was gathered that Air Peace; and Dana Air, passengers; were stranded for hours at Abuja; over lack of fuel.

A source, however, revealed that passengers were held; for up to three hours.

“The flights affected are Air Peace, Abuja to Lagos and Dana Air, Abuja to Port Harcourt

“Passengers have been stranded for more than two hours, and it is because of lack of fuel”.

Meanwhile, Nigerian airlines informed passengers to expect possible flight disruptions due to the “prolonged scarcity of aviation fuel” and; an increase in the product price.

According to Allen Onyema, chief executive officer of Air Peace, who spoke for airline operators; the price of aviation fuel moved from N190 per litre, to N670 per litre.

Onyema said the operators would have shut down operations if not for the political season and; to support the current administration that had been supportive of the sector.

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