Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Jude Johnson

Kaduna State witnessed a significant gathering of security stakeholders and mediation practitioners on the 5th of February, 2024, as the CLEEN Foundation, in collaboration with UNWomen, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Development, Kaduna State, and support from the Norwegian Embassy, hosted an Interface Session on Mediation Frameworks and Practices.

The event, facilitated by Mr. Gad Peter, Executive Director of CLEEN Foundation, saw representatives from various security agencies and mediation experts come together for a constructive dialogue aimed at addressing contemporary challenges through collaborative efforts.

In his welcome remarks, delivered by Chigozirim Okoro, Programme Manager at CLEEN Foundation, Peter emphasised the importance of collective action in tackling complex and multi-faceted conflicts that often transcend traditional boundaries. He highlighted the role of mediation as a powerful tool in resolving disputes and fostering understanding among diverse parties.

Group Picture of participants at the interface session between Security Agencies and Women Mediators on Mediation Frameworks and Practice in Kaduna State
Mrs. Chigozirim Okoro, Programme Manager, CLEEN Foundation represented the ED, Mr. Gad Peter, at the event.

The objectives of the session were clear – to foster a shared understanding of mediation principles, explore avenues for collaboration between security forces and mediation experts, and develop frameworks for joint action. Participants were encouraged to actively participate, share their perspectives, and engage in discussions with an open mind.

Peter expressed gratitude to everyone for their commitment to the cause, stressing the importance of collaboration and shared dedication to making a positive impact on the communities served. He expressed confidence that the collective efforts of the participants would contribute to forging stronger partnerships and more effective strategies for conflict resolution.

The Interface Session on Mediation Frameworks and Practices provided a platform for stakeholders to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and identify concrete steps towards building a more peaceful and secure future for Kaduna State and beyond.

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