Tue. Feb 27th, 2024
CLEEN Foundation women in peacebuilding

Jude Johnson

In a collaborative effort aimed at fostering peace and social cohesion in Kaduna State, the CLEEN Foundation, in partnership with UNWomen and the Ministry of Human Services & Social Development, conducted a three-day capacity-strengthening training for women mediators on conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

The training, supported by the Norwegian Embassy, saw active participation from forty women who were equipped with practical skills essential for effective mediation. 

In a statement obtained by Global Sentinel on Monday, the event in Kaduna was attended by prominent figures, including the Commissioner of Human Services and Social Development, Dr Rabi Salisu.

Salisu, in her welcome address, expressed satisfaction with the performance of both trainers and trainees. She highlighted the success of the Train the Trainers Session held in December 2023, emphasizing its positive impact on participants’ ability to disseminate learned lessons in their communities, local government areas, and organizations.

Commending the CLEEN Foundation for bringing the training to Kaduna State, Salisu urged the beneficiaries to become exemplary ambassadors of the Kaduna State Government in their respective homes and communities.

Dr Rabi Salisu, Hon Commissioner of Human Services and Social Development Kaduna State at the workshop

Speaking, Executive Director of CLEEN Foundation, Mr Gad Peter, represented by Mrs Chigozirim Okoro, Programme Manager, clarified that the primary goal of the training was to provide women with practical skills necessary for effective mediation.

In the same vein, the Director of Programmes at CLEEN Foundation and the lead facilitator, Mr. Salaudeen Hashim, guided the trainees through various sessions covering topics such as “Introduction to Conflict & Gender Analysis,” “Gender Inclusive Mediation & Peacebuilding,” and “Understanding Peace Advocacy Campaign as a Tool for Policy Formulation & Change.”

Emphasizing that mediation is essential for peaceful coexistence, Hashim underscored the importance of gender-inclusive approaches. He challenged traditional notions of gender, stating that it is a function of the mind rather than biological differences. Advocating for gender equity over equality, he urged participants to view issues through a gendered lens regardless of their sex.

The training featured syndicate sessions, group presentations, and a drama production, allowing the forty women mediators to showcase their understanding of the lessons learned and how to apply them in real-time for the promotion of social cohesion and peace in Kaduna State. The event concluded with a call for the empowered women to actively contribute to sustainable peace and security in their communities.

As the Ministry of Human Services and Social Development encourages beneficiaries to be good ambassadors, the impact of this initiative is expected to resonate positively in the ongoing efforts towards conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Kaduna State.

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