Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Gift James

The Centre for Media, Policy and Accountability (CMPA) says it has commenced the implementation of the Nigeria Anti-Corruption Performance Public Reporting (NAPPR) Project 2023 in partnership with anti-corruption agencies in the country.

The aim of the MacArthur Foundation-funded project is to conduct research, advocacy, public engagement and capacity development of Nigeria Anti-Corruption Agencies(ACAs) to include the Economic and Financial Crines Commission (EFCC) Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission ?ICPC) and Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) Civil Society Organisations and media organizations on NAPPR project.

The Director Communications, Outreach and Advocacy, CMPA Ibrahim Uba Yusuf in a statement made available to Global Sentinel informed that the first edition of a Harmonized Anti-Corruption Performance Report for 2017-2022.

According to the statement, the project manager Dr Suleiman Amu Suleiman speaking during separate advocacy visits to EFCC and ICPC said the project was to support Nigerian anti-corruption agencies to develop a standard reporting template that would correctly highlight and project their work locally and globally.

“It will build the capacity of the ACAs to develop and present their performance in such a way that will be more appreciative by Nigerians and in line with metrics used by global anti-corruption rating bodies like Transparency International,” he was quoted saying.

At all the anti-corruption agencies visited, the team lead explained the different components of the project which include research, advocacy, round table meetings with stakeholders and training for ACAs and the media.  Suleiman emphasized the need to support CMPA in the development of a standardize template for reporting to bridge the gap in reporting anti-corruption activities in Nigeria.

The various representatives of the ACAs who spoke during advocacy described the project as timely and advised the Centre to implement the project in line with the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, which is a working document for ACAs in Nigeria. They also advised the Centre to develop domestic perception index for measuring anti-corruption performance in Nigeria as against the index used by international organizations.

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