Wed. May 29th, 2024
Maureen Okpe

The Lunae Center for Penal and Justice Development also known as Center for Penal Justice and Development (CPJD) a non-governmental organization is set to work in strengthening criminal justice reform in Nigeria.

Executive Director CPJD, Sulayman Kuku-Dawodu who made this known in a statement on Thursday, in Abuja, said, the organization sought to support criminal justice institutions to comply with the provisions of extant laws.

Kuku-Dawodu said CPJD is established to fill the identified vacuum in the strengthening of criminal justice in Nigeria, especially about lack of funding and infrastructural deficiency for the criminal justice institutions in Nigeria and Africa.

He noted that the Center aimed to be strategically positioned to become a hub of criminal justice reform and development globally, adding it will focus on developing access to justice for all including vulnerable groups, children in conflict with the law, persons living with disability, illiterates and such other groups of persons.

According to him, “the main purpose of setting up the organization is to be an active partner in strengthening criminal justice reform in Nigeria, development of capacity of criminal justice stakeholders through training, exchange programs, mentorship and general capacity building.

“Work with policymakers and legislative bodies to draft and execute policy and legislative frameworks in the criminal justice system as well as develop and support various relevant initiatives, mechanisms, programs, activities, benchmarks, standard operating procedures, best practices and such other modern interventions towards improving, developing and enhancing the criminal justice system in Nigeria.

“Support the fight against corruption, terrorism financing and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction through legislative and policy frameworks, training, systemic improvement, mentorship and capacity building

“Support and improve the combating human trafficking, piracy and emerging global offenses through engagement with government, development partners, civil society organizations nationally, regionally and internationally.

Kuku-Dawodu further stated that the CJPD will serve the whole Africa and ensure regional cooperation amongst all African countries towards improving their criminal justice systems.

The ED said, “the center will prioritize enhancing security issues through support to security and law enforcement agencies and join global communities working towards improvement of global security and also work in the area of conflict resolutions and prevention of conflicts regionally and globally.”

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