Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
Senator Iroegbu

Recently, I had the privilege of witnessing a landmark event that promises to significantly bolster Nigeria’s national security and intelligence capabilities. The Defence Intelligence College (DIC) in Abuja and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a world-class postgraduate school program and foster cutting-edge research and development (R&D).

Essence of the partnership

This strategic alliance aims to enhance the knowledge base and expertise of Nigerian military, security, and intelligence personnel. By offering specialized postgraduate programs, this collaboration seeks to address the complex and evolving security challenges facing Nigeria. The MoU, signed at the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) headquarters, was led by Vice Chancellor Prof. Charles Igwe of UNN and Maj-Gen. Emmanuel Undiandeye, Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI).

The partnership between DIC and UNN will provide specialized postgraduate programs for Nigerian military, security, and intelligence personnel. These programs include Cartography and Remote Sensing, International Relations and Diplomacy, and Human Security and Counter-Terrorism. Additionally, new courses are being developed to meet the contemporary needs of the intelligence community in Nigeria. Both institutions are committed to maintaining quality and standards in these programs, and this collaboration represents a significant step towards addressing security challenges and producing a critical mass of human resources with robust intelligence backgrounds. I’m excited to see the positive impact this collaboration will have on our national security and defence. 

Key benefits

Advanced training and education: The collaboration will provide advanced training for personnel across various agencies, including the military, paramilitary, and critical civilian sectors. The programmes will cover areas such as Cartography and Remote Sensing, International Relations and Diplomacy, Conflict, Peace and Strategic Studies, Human Security and Counter-Terrorism, and more. These courses are designed to enhance the competence and capacity of Nigeria’s intelligence community.

Research and development: The partnership emphasizes joint research initiatives aimed at developing innovative solutions to security challenges. This R&D focus will harness the academic prowess of UNN and the practical expertise of DIC to foster advancements in intelligence and security practices.

Sustainability and integration: Rear Admiral Julius Nwagwu, Commandant of DIC, highlighted the importance of ensuring that the new programmes complement existing courses. This approach guarantees the sustainability of the initiative without disrupting ongoing training activities.

Leveraging intellectual resources: UNN’s high academic standards and robust faculty resources will be instrumental in delivering these programmes. The collaboration also aims to develop new courses that meet the contemporary needs of the intelligence community, such as Political and Economic Intelligence, Criminal Psychology and Forensic Studies, and Strategic Intelligence and Security Management.

Capacity building and quality assurance: Both institutions are committed to maintaining the highest standards of education and training. UNN’s history as Nigeria’s first indigenous university and its pioneering General Studies programme set a strong foundation for this partnership. The focus on quality assurance ensures that the training provided will be of the highest calibre.

A forward-looking collaboration

This MoU is a significant step forward in Nigeria’s efforts to build a critical mass of human resources with robust intelligence backgrounds. The collaboration between DIC and UNN not only enhances the professional development of security personnel but also contributes to national security by equipping individuals with the skills needed to address contemporary threats.

In a nutshell, the partnership between the Defence Intelligence College and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, marks a transformative moment for Nigeria’s security sector. By combining academic excellence with practical intelligence training, this initiative promises to create a resilient and responsive security framework capable of safeguarding Nigeria’s future.

This is a commendable strategic collaboration and look forward to the impactful advancements it will bring to our nation’s security and intelligence landscape.

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