Thu. May 30th, 2024

Maureen Okpe

Experts in transport and technology sector have noted the need for Nigerians to embrace the use of electromobility (e-mobility) as this could tackle petroleum crisis experienced in the country.

This was stated during a consultative and awareness forum, organised by the The Skilled Women Initiative (TSWINI) in collaboration with Gender Strategy Advancement Initiative (GSAI), in Abuja.

The experts discussed  the  feasibility of e-mobility in Nigeria in terms of accessibility, affordability, and market interest that could be harnessed by the teeming population.

Founder/ Chief Executive Officer of TSWINI Chisom Nwankwo  said that Nigeria’s petroleum crisis could  be addressed by accelerated  development and deployment of e-mobility to harness the opportunities on demand for energy transition in Nigeria.

She noted that e-mobility is cost effective and efficient because it has been test run using Tricycle for cargo transportation and passenger.

She said, “This test carried out proved to be very effective and efficient as it can travel about 200km when charged for 8 hours using normal charging points at home.

“It takes about six thousand naira to daily to buy fuel for the average tricycle but if you buy electricity of that same amount, it can be used to charge tricycle a week thereby saving costs.

“Driving electric vehicles in this season is very important for Nigerians as it will go along way in addressing the economic challenges bedeviling the country.

“We are looking for options to make life easier for citizens transport sector and the e-mobility is that option.

“We believe that E-mobility space aligns with the Nigeria Energy Transition Plan, addressing emissions, air pollution, and energy security concerns while ensuring a greener future for citizens,”Nwankwo said.

Nwankwo further charge women to take the opportunity of harnessing the possibilities in the sector as there are so much benefits that can be accrued, calling on women  to be proactive and engage as the sector is gender friendly.

For her part, Grace Udie, Communications Officer, GSAI, commended TSWINI  for creating awareness on the need for transitioning from petroleum to e-mobility.

“We believe that e-mobility will help Nigerians a lot especially with the cost in fueling and transport it will reduce it greatly,”she said.

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