Tue. Feb 27th, 2024


The Mandela Washington Fellows Alumni Association of Nigeria (MWFAAN) has elected Farida Yahya as its 10th President.In a statement Signed by its management, the election marks a significant milestone in the organization’s history.

According to the statement, Farida Yahya, a dedicated 2021 fellow of MWFAAN, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for social entrepreneurship, mentorship, and community development to her new role, adding that as  a social entrepreneur, startup coach, mentor, published author, and active citizen, she has already made a substantial impact within the association.

The Mandela Washington Fellows Alumni Association of Nigeria (MWFAAN) is a distinguished organization comprising alumni who share a commitment to mutual support, professional development, and social impact. 

The statement noted the Association strives strong on collaboration to create a supportive and inclusive community that fosters life long connections among its members.

In her acceptance speech the newly elected President said “I am honoured to have been elected the 10th President.  I believe in the power of collective action and the potential for positive change that lies within our diverse membership. 

“I am committed to leading MWFAAN into a new era of growth, inclusivity, and prosperity,” she assured.Farida Yahya’s impressive track record includes over a decade of experience in the beauty, media, and development sectors.

She has successfully launched multiple businesses from innovative ideas and has supported numerous individuals in building their own enterprises.Through her roles as a board member, chief organizer, and thought leader, she has consistently championed change, inclusion, and growth.

She assured that her vision is to harness the collective wisdom and energy of its members to address long-standing challenges and take the association to new heights  while expressing her  believes in the importance of strategic partnerships to deliver sustainable programs that will make MWFAAN stand out. 

Yahya is dedicated to upholding the association’s core values of transparency, accountability, and synergy  her platform for the MWFAAN presidency revolves around a simple CREED that unites the membership:CreativityRespect, Empathy, Equity and Diversity.

 “I firmly believe that together, we can build a more responsive MWFAAN where the well-being of our members is paramount, and opportunities for achievement and career satisfaction are maximized,” Farida Yahya stated. 

“A better MWFAAN is not just a dream; it is possible, and I am committed to making it a reality.”As she assumes the role of President, Farida Yahya looks forward to working collaboratively with fellow members, alumni, and partners to propel MWFAAN toward a future of continued success and growth. And as her popular slogan turned promise, “FY dey for you.”

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