Tue. Feb 27th, 2024
By Abdullah M. Abu Shawesh

On the 118th day of the running and unfolding text book genocide conducted by the TROIKA of death, with many western countries’ full military and political support, the Israeli professionals’ hands rest on weapons machines joysticks. The lack of condemnation in much of the international community can equally and rightly be interpreted as complicity. Everyone is trying to figure out who will win, but I’m confident that everyone is a loser on both theoretical and practical levels. In the current situation, Israel is the master loser for very rational reasons.

There is a huge difference between desires on one hand and reasonable goals on the other hand. As they put on their military uniforms, call thousands of reservists to the battlefields, or to the offices of propaganda and manipulation, fuel their tanks, load their aircrafts with the Western ammunition, draft the war plans based on the tons of intelligence information, to the very long list of preparation to final victory; Israel has declared its intentions to completely eliminate the Palestinian fighters and remove the threat. For Israel, this means from the 1948 borders and getting the hostages back homes are the two main goals of this revenge war.

Israel’s leaders have declared many optimistic overall goals for the war, and are quite certain that they will achieve them like in a piece of cake fashion. “Easy as pie.”  More than obvious is their surplus military power, their deep hatred of “Human animals, the Palestinians” as the Minister Galant described them, and their anger and mood of revenge. These undeniable facts and traits, in addition to the Western unwavering, unquestionable, and unbeatable support. On their way to battle, they launched a wider propaganda campaign shadow in their long-standing quest to eradicate the people of Palestine. Israel’s propaganda machine is portraying this as a fight for the final victory, a fight on behalf of angels against demons, civilization against savages, as the sole representative of light against darkness, little David against Goliath, remembering the ancient Hebrews fighting the Amalekites, even if we are long past the time of Hezekiah.

There is a huge difference between desires on one hand and reasonable goals on the other hand after nearly four months of war with no progress other than mass destruction and killing of innocent civilians. This has led to more frustration among the Israelis in general and the army in particular resulting to more bloodshed. Despite the Israeli army declaring the north area of Gaza as a cleared area with no threat, there is still resistance and many Israeli invaders have been killed there, as evidenced by numerous videos. Additionally, their own reports state that nearly 140 soldiers have lost their lives, mainly in the north of the enclave.

Indeed, the only way so far that granted the return of some of the hostages is the diplomatic way, such as when Qatar succeeded to moderate the returning of 105 of the hostages. The Israeli bombardment also killed quite a number of those hostages. In an unfortunate accident, Israeli killed three other hostages who apparently managed to flee and moved towards the Israeli army unit naked, shouting in Hebrew and waving a white flag seeking shelter. Instead of being in their homes that evening having a warm welcome by their families, unfortunately, the Israeli army sent their called dead bodies to their homes. Even in this very simple mission, Israel not only failed, but also proved what we used to say that they are deliberately executing the unarmed naked civilians. Despite all the cosmetics and justifications that they gave in this particular incident, they failed to convince anyone of their innocence or use of caution, or even of misunderstanding.

It’s very clear that they haven’t succeeded so far to accomplish any of these two main goals, but this isn’t the end of the story. The sympathy they received till the mid of October from many Western countries has been slightly converted against them after lengthy intergovernmental organization reports and the broadcasting of tens of thousands of videos showing the horrific butchery they conducted against innocent people.

There were the declared war goals, as well as the main hidden goal of another Palestinian Nakba, meaning another Palestinians ethnic cleansing that our ancestors faced in 1948, by being forcefully expelling to the Sinai Peninsula. While this has not yet occurred, it’s not guaranteed that it will not be accomplished in the future.

Unfortunately, we can’t take this off the table as a possibility and threat IF the international community continue turning their backs to Gaza’s inhabitants. In 2018, the UN special rapporteur stated that Gaza may be unlivable by 2020. We will all wake up to a Gaza that has been completely devastated, with shortages of food, shelter, and essential infrastructure. The destruction of homes, buildings, schools, hospitals, and sewage pipes will undoubtedly force people to flee. We are in desperate need of a divine miracle to prevent ANOTHER PALESTINIAN NAKBA.

Today, we can confidently say that the Palestinian narrative is gaining more traction than ever before on social media outlets, breaking the monopoly of biased Western media outlets. One example is the video of Khaled Nabhan, a bereaved grandfather, which garnered overwhelming empathy and sympathy worldwide. This video, which cost less than one cent to produce, successfully defeated the billions of dollars spent on Israeli propaganda.

After even all of these days of the horrific and terrible war crimes and crimes against humanity they conducted, we know that more of the same will be revealed.  What we know today is the TIP OF AN ICEBERG. The Palestinians learned how to use their iPhones and produce simple, short, but very real and powerful messages that were used to storm the world in a second.

The world will know that they succeeded to send thousands of innocent people to the cemeteries, left thousands and thousands of women as widows, orphan children, and tens of thousands of paralyzed and disabled people. The entire society is completely traumatized. Much of the is seeing the real and final victory that Israel accomplished, as Israel has completely defeated the empty universities, schools, mosques, churches, roads asphalt, sewage water pipes but they DID NOT AND WILL NOT DEFEAT THE RESISTANCE SOUL.  Palestinians did not come down to their knees and this will lead to more and more anger and more structure for a revenge mode.

They will not hesitate to justify all the crimes, and if you have not been convinced; this means they will resort to using their most sophisticated, long used and tested weapons. The scarecrow of Anti-Semitic is ready to stifle any voice of criticism and they will take us all back to their very true historical grievances, one cannot forget the slander in the Merchant of Venice, which depicted the Jewish merchant as monster and no harm if we all remember the Spanish Inquisition.

The Israeli lobby all over the world will play crucial roles of bridling the mouths and will impose more restrictions on free speech. All of this will raise the dose of hatred of Israelis on accelerated manner.

Some with a short vision may think this is benefiting us, absolutely not. The hatred of the Israelis means more crucifying of us by the loser, more brutality and more revenge acts as long as we do not bear the responsibility for all of this.

We have been familiar with this for a long time ago; what is new? This will take us all to another stage of dead-ends and no one knows when we will be free from it all. The Palestinians will gain more sympathy, empathy, lose more land and loved ones; while the Israelis will lose the eternal and sole victim role and gain the shame of being a cursed killer.


Abdullah M. Abu Shawesh is the Ambassador of the Embassy of the State of Palestine to Nigeria. X – Tweeter: @AM_Shawesh

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