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Enugu State enters a new era of leadership as Dr. Peter Mba assumes the role of Executive Governor. In a heartfelt congratulatory letter, Ikeoha Chinemerem, a prominent member of the community, extended warm wishes and encouragement to the newly elected governor. The letter emphasized the need for diplomatic engagement with politicians, the restoration of public trust, and inclusive governance.

Chinemerem highlighted the significance of learning from past shortcomings, particularly the poor performance and neglect of the previous administration. The disillusionment felt by the people of Enugu State in the last administration led to a significant shift in support during the recent general elections. This shift, Chinemerem noted, should serve as a wake-up call for the new governor to rewrite the wrongs and regain the trust of the people.

The letter urged Governor Mba to resist the influence of sycophantic politicians and instead focus on selecting a competent and task-oriented cabinet. The appointment of intellectuals, technocrats, and specialists who possess a deep understanding of governance dynamics and a burning desire to uplift the state was strongly encouraged. Chinemerem cited a former governor who employed a similar strategy, albeit on a smaller scale, and achieved considerable success in Enugu State.

Addressing the aspirations of the people, Chinemerem conveyed the desire for portable water, improved access roads, and increased business opportunities. Additionally, there was a call for the reinstatement of activities such as roadblocks that promote talent and social cohesion within the state.

The letter also emphasized the need for unity among the people of Enugu State. Chinemerem implored residents to discard stereotypes, propaganda, and divisive messages that could fracture their collective spirit. Instead, the focus should be on fostering peace and development, even in the presence of disagreements, for the betterment of their shared home.

In conclusion, Chinemerem congratulated the elected representatives and advised them to serve the people diligently, attract projects to their constituencies, and prioritize the creation of job opportunities. The importance of utilizing constituency project funds judiciously was emphasized, along with the need for quality representation.

The letter concluded with well wishes for Governor Mba and his team, urging them to lead with love and unity throughout their tenure. The people of Enugu State look forward to a successful and transformative period under the new administration.

Read the letter in full:

                                                                                               30th May, 2023

Congratulatory Letter to the Executive Governor of Enugu State.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

Finally, the tomorrow is here!

Permit me to use this singular opportunity to congratulate you, the brand-new Governor of Enugu State Dr Peter Ndubuisi Mba as you take the mantle of leadership of our Dear Coal City to the next phase. I Pray for God’s protection, wisdom, peace and rest of mind as you proactively pilot the affairs of the State.

I urge you to be diplomatic while engaging the politicians that are clustering around you forming familiarity and passion to serve. Particularly those that lost their political bid at both the State and National Assemblies attributed to their poor performance while in the chambers. Some could not attract a single project to their constituency in four years while some diverted the funds meant for their constituency projects to their personal pocket. These got the masses fed up with their deceitful and selfish representation and decided to pay them back with their own coin. These they achieved by protesting through their votes leading to a landslide victory and the emergence of the Labour Party (LP) in Federal House of Representatives and State Assemblies. Some could not get up to 25% of the votes casted in their various polling unit. It is laughable when the youths hear some of them saying it’s the Obidient Tsunami that made them loose election. The big question is ‘why did the Obidient Tsunami take less effect in States like Ebonyi, Rivers, Imo, including Abia where a sitting Senator under PDP contested under APGA and won the Senatorial seat for the third time?  This is usually associated to a high-level performance and support from his people. Similarly, in Anambra State where the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) hails from. A serving Senator won on the platform of Young Nigerian Peoples Party (YPP) and same party won a House of Representatives seat.  Peter Obi massively won in all the listed states for the presidential poll yet other parties had their way.

Again, thinking deep about Enugu 2023 elections. Like my people will say “Does it mean that the barber doesn’t know how to barb or the blade is not sharp enough”? In a state where PDP literally lost over 70% of the National and State Assembly seat to LP, LP got Seven (7) out of eight Representatives, PDP got one (1), LP secured fourteen (14) seats out of twenty-four (24) State House of Assembly seats PDP secured ten (10). The bitter truth is that you cannot beat a child and expect the child not to cry. People are wiser now and youths are more determined! It is alarming that even those who lost in their kindred are now positioning themselves and lobbing for commissionership. This is quite disheartening.

In addition, to be modest, the people of Enugu lost confidence in the last administration and dissatisfied, by its pattern of leadership, which was majorly negligence and poor inclusive practices. These, Enugu people commonly refers to as a government of abracadabra “The more you look the less you see”.  Highly unpatriotic politicians who are after their personal interest and careless about the needs of the poor Masse’s. Turned the State and LGAs to a place of aggrandizement and taking the Masses for granted which resulted to what we saw in the last general election in Enugu State.

Your Excellency Sir, the truth remains that the people of Enugu State are not tired of PDP if they are, you could not have won your election. In you, they saw a refined politician who is trustworthy, sincere and honest, a man who is an entrepreneur ready to work and serve the people better. You told the people that the tomorrow is here and the people saw that with you, their future will be secured and gave into your gospel. I urge you Sir not to betray the mandate that the people have given to you, the trust and hope they have in your governance as visionary leader. Do not relent, all hands must be on desk to ensure you rewrite the wrongs, win back the people’s trust again.

Your Excellency Sir, don’t allow all these sycophantic politicians lure you or even pressurized you into dancing to their bid in selecting your cabinet, to run a smooth, peaceful, transparent, and accountable administration.  Look out for Intellectuals, Technocrats, Expatriates, Specialists who are people and task oriented, with innovative understanding of importance and dynamics of governance and having the burning desire to move our dear state to an enviable height. I know of a former governor in this very state who tried it and it worked for him, though could not achieve at highest scale yet he made a household name across the nocks and cranny of Enugu State.

Additionally, on the day of your swearing inn I went on a rapid assessment to ascertain what the good people of Enugu are expecting from your governance. About 75% of the persons reached (mainly female and male youth) said that you promised portable water and the look forward to that. From their own end, the major need reported is access road for major streets in Enugu and its LGAs and business opportunities while others said you should re-establish the Road Block activity that promotes talent and social cohesion. I would like to highlight a picture of the peoples wish in few words. The people generally wish that you will kindly carryout an inclusive and youth friendly assessment to understand the people’s needs, identify their concerns, capacities, goals and utilize the findings to lead your actions which I urge you to carry out in a gender responsive and inclusive manner. Diligently work to the Glory of the Almighty God.

I am also calling on the good people of Enugu to stand strong together, desist from all sort of stereotype, propaganda, and hate massages that will keep breaking us apart. We have collectively voted though one winner must emerge which might not be your preferred choice, however, we can still find peace and development together even in the presence of conflict knowing it’s inevitable. While we hope for future opportunities to register and deliver our preferred choices, we can keep building our home together because at the end, we are yet together called the sons and daughters of Enugu State and as such, we ought not to let our home fall nor shatter the hope of our unborn. Our unity is first that we are all from the same State, practice same culture, norms and traditions, having one goal which is to better the lives of our people. These we must no trade for any personal interest.

Finally, I use these medium to congratulate those that made it to the National and State Assemblies, I advise that you all utilize the great opportunity given to you and serve the people right, never taking this mandate for granted.   Endeavor as much to ensure that you attract projects to your constituency and provide job opportunities to unemployed youths. Making sure that the funds meant for constituency project is judiciously utilized.  Quality representation is all we deserve and thrive to achieve. I am also pleading with the Executive to allow the Legislators to choose their leaders without interference as I wish them all the best at the 10nth Assembly.

Your Excellency Sir, I sincerely wish you and your team a successful term in office. Let LOVE Lead (LLL). #LLLMbatenure


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