Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Maureen Okpe

National Commission for Persons with Disability (NCPWD), has disclosed that concerted efforts are being made to bring to justice anyone found wanton in refusing Persons With Disabilities(PWD) their rights.

The Executive Secretary NCPWD James Lalu, made the disclosure in a statement on Tuesday, in Abuja.

Lalu stated that the commission will no longer treat with levity the treatment of PWDs with contempt in the Nigerian society.

He said, “our legal department are all set and ready to prosecute whosoever makes any attempt to deny PWDs their fundamental Human Rights.

“The days of tolerating that is long gone and abolished in Nigeria.

Speaking on the issue of sign language the Executive Secretary asserted that,
there are diverse sign languages in Nigeria and this has compelled the commission to produce a dictionary as a guide for flawless interpretation for the deaf community.

He noted that, “We have gone a step further to facilitate the National policy on sign language.

“In similar fashion Voter-Ability is an important platform for PWDs to demonstrate our strength in the polity.”

He however disclosed partnership with The Albino Foundation on fighting skin cancer, adding, “skin cancer deaths in Nigeria has reached 1,933 or 0.13% of total death.

“I reaffirmed the commitment of National Commission For Persons With Disabilities to fighting skin cancer through various intervention programmes.

“The initiative by the foundation is quite spectacular and they are inline with the commission’s primary objective to ensuring that no person with disability face any form of discrimination in the up coming 2023 general election, National census and other upcoming major events of the country.

“I am glad to inform the general public that the commission will partner with the Albino foundation to attain success during the 2023 general election.”

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