Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

By Ene Oshaba

The Dr SPAG Movement and Global Network,  has called  for more youths involvement, awareness and engagement in the process of nation building, stressing that this would ensure a better and safer sustainable environment for the youths globally, and especially in Nigeria. 

Its Founder, a Popular Businessman and Author, Daniel Owodunni, made the call in a statement Signed Friday in Abuja, stressed the enormous benefits for  Global Youth development, orientation and  engagement. 

According to the statement,  young people globally are not making headway enabling the growth in the numbers of vulnerabilities to social vices, adding that in view of this, the movement is curating major models young persons should follow and uphold for a better future and good living.

”You must connect with your vision (God’s plan for you), know the state of realities in your area of dominion (your territory, state. Country) and have a good understanding of what you want to become leveraging on the three principles of grand styled life.

“As a matter of fact, the problem most youths have is discovering their purpose , which requires a lot of attention. Moving forward, not all youths are just lazy, many were victims of toxic upbringing, majority just need “dab”, some “dap”, some need “ignition”, strategists, some public relations and  management to package, market their ideas, talents, purpose and positive plans for them,” he said.

“These will help us have massive contributors to economies globally and multiple effects on the financial status, morality and organisations of the society” 

“Dr SPAG movement’s imperial group is committed to ensuring a smooth society for the youths,” he assured. 

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