Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Senator Iroegbu

In a joint effort with affiliate unions, the Non-Academic Staff Union of Education (NASU) and the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has demanded the prompt payment of withheld salaries for its members.

The move comes amid mounting frustration over the lack of explanation or justification for the delayed payment, which has caused significant hardship for affected workers.

According to Comrade Joe Ajaero, President of the NLC, the withholding of salaries not only exacerbates the financial strain on union members but also threatens to ignite a potentially avoidable industrial dispute.

“It defies logic to subject members of these unions to discriminatory treatment,” stated Ajaero, highlighting the government’s responsibility to avert further unrest in the education sector.
With public universities striving to rebuild confidence and stability, the NLC emphasized the urgency of addressing the salary issue to prevent disruptions that could disrupt academic activities and impact students and parents, particularly those facing challenges with transportation on unsafe roads.

The NLC urged the government to prioritize the timely payment of outstanding salaries and cautioned against underestimating the resolve and maturity of the unions involved.

The call for immediate action underscores the pressing need to address grievances and uphold fairness within the education sector to ensure a conducive environment for both workers and students.
The NLC’s stance reflects a broader commitment to advocating for the welfare and rights of workers across various sectors, emphasizing the importance of timely and transparent salary payments to mitigate tensions and foster stability.

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