Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Jude Johnson

A group called Citizens Advocacy Centre, CAC, has stated on Wednesday that contrary to some reports in some section of the media, no criminal case has been established against officer Abba Kyari after all investigations were concluded.

The group anchored its position on the final letter from the office of the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, saying the letter was very clear on the fact that all investigations done have cleared DCP Kyari of all criminal and corruption allegations.

The group said the letter from the Attorney General clearly said no dime was given to Kyari by Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi or anybody under prosecution in USA as celebrated during the media trial last year.

According to the group, with no evidence provided against an officer of high standing like Kyari, it therefore leaves much to be desired to hear that Nigeria is in discussion with the US government over Kyari’s extradition.

The group in a statement by its Chairman, Barr Joseph Donald, clarified that the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Mr Abubakar Malami, never said Nigeria was already holding talks with its US counterpart to extradite Kyari.

According to the statement, “What the Honourable Minister said was, if there was any criminal case found in the investigations, it might warrant commencing a process of extradition.

“He was clear on it. The Minister also knows that the process of extradition is cumbersome and difficult and not a straight jacket because there’s a court of law, which usually adjudicates to determine if there is a Criminal case committed and there are more than enough criminal evidence warranting extraditions or trial of the case here in Nigeria.

“In this case, the first investigation, resulted in nothing but cleared Kyari’s name. Yet, due to pressure from certain quarters, another investigation was instituted.

“Second investigations also cleared Kyari on all criminal/Corruption grounds but it was clear from the first investigation and second investigations that, two key areas of infractions on police duties were mentioned against Kyari. One, the use of social media to defend himself without IGP permission and two, commencing the process of investigating a reported case without due process of getting approved petition from the IGP.

“These infractions were deemed disciplinary offenses relating to internal police matters and not corruption or criminal offences. These infractions which are not criminal offences are always handled internally between the Police and Police Service Commission based on disciplinary laid down rules.”

According to the group, the IGP’s letter clearly exonerated Kyari of any criminal offence. Rather, he was indicted for breach of internal police duties hence he cannot be extradited to the US.

The group said it stands shoulder to shoulder with Kyari noting that “No Nigerian must be bullied or wrongly accused of committing a crime by world powers and be allowed to be extradited.

“We shall provide legal support for Kyari if needed.”

The group further alleged that, “Kyari definitely stepped on toes while discharging his duties. These influential people feel this is the right time to pay him back, all for defending and serving his fatherland.

“Unfortunately, the same Nigerians engaging in hysteria about Kyari are the same people crying over increase in spate of kidnapping and abduction, criminality and bandit attacks across the country.”

The group called on President Muhammadu Buhari to use his good office and return Kyari to his office to arrest increasing rate of insecurity in the country and return the country to how it was before his suspension.

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