Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Maureen Okpe 

The National Council for Youths in Nigeria(NYCN), has called on the suspended President, Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo to respond to allegations levelled on him so as to rebuild the trust and accountability within the organization.

The council made the call on Wednesday in a statement released by the Public Relations Officer, Dotun Omoleye, in Abuja.

The statement charged Sokubo to clear his name of the allegations rather than make trivial issues raised.

According to Omoleye, contrary to the claims made by the suspended President’s supporters, the Acting President Comrade Akoshile Mukhtar continues to lead NYCN with a dedication to fostering robust and responsible youth representation.

He said, “as the Acting President, Comrade Mukhtar remains committed to leading NYCN through these challenges while calling on Amb. Sukubo to step forward to answer the allegations made against him as a measure to rebuild trust and accountability within the organization. Only through these and unity can NYCN effectively represent Nigerian youth.

“It is imperative to note that calling Sukubo to account is not an attack, but a demand for transparency which is a core principle for any democratic organization, especially one representing the interests of Nigerian youth.

“As an organization that is mandated to serve Nigerian youth, the NYCN and its leadership should prioritize their welfare and concerns at all times.

“It is also crucial to note that internal conflicts must be resolved transparently to maintain trust in the leadership’s ability to advocate for youth interests.

“As such, attempts to deflect attention from the core issues by discrediting the demand for accountability raise doubts about the faceless group’s commitment to openness and honesty. 

“True leaders address concerns and answer questions during crises. To this end, the call for Sukubo to address allegations against him should not be personalized but embraced as a test of accountability from a leader representing the vast population of Nigerian youth.

“The NYCN calls for unity among our members, stakeholders, and the public in understanding that the Nigerian youths deserve leadership that prioritizes their needs over personal disputes as a body that fosters a conducive environment for engagement.

“The NYCN restates its stand for an impartial investigation into allegations against Sukubo to unravel and uphold the truth.”

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