Wed. May 29th, 2024

In response to the ongoing food scarcity affecting the country, Public Intel Security Africa has stepped up to provide crucial support by distributing biotech seedlings for planting across the FCT. This was made during the live public Intel show with Dakore Ekpendu on Friday, opening the phone line which allows listeners to call in during the live show on Nigeria Police Radio 99.1FM Abuja.

Public Intel Security Africa, a security program curved out of Dakore Africa Media is renowned for its radio and television show on various security intelligence topics of discussion. The radio show has extended its reach to addressing pressing humanitarian needs within local government communities. Public Intel Security Africa platform has a dedicated segment every Friday to raise awareness about various issues affecting human security in communities.

Speaking during live show, about the project initiative, the founder and host for Public Intel Security Africa Dakore Ekpendu emphasized the platforms commitment to supporting Nigerian farmers during hard times. She stated, as a media platform dedicated to global security intelligence, we recognize the vital role of agriculture in ensuring the well-being and stability of communities. By providing seedlings to farmers, we aim to empower them to overcome the challenges posed by food scarcity and contribute to a more resilient agricultural sector with better nutrition. In addition, our radio show focuses on issues affecting local communities gives us reasonable thought to provide minimal solutions to the best of our strength. More so, Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology OFAB Nigeria who sees needs for this purpose should be celebrated.

Dakore speaking more about the yearly initiative project stated the importance aims to alleviate the impact of food insecurity and bolster agricultural resilience in the face of challenging conditions especially for farmers. Also, emphasizing on the significant quantity of biotech seedlings seeds to farmers. According to Dakore, these seedlings encompass a diverse range of crops, including staple grains of beans and corns, providing farmers with the resources needed to sustain their livelihoods and contribute to the nation’s food security.

Farmers during the live show have expressed optimism about the upcoming planting season, confident that the provision of seedlings will enable them to increase crop yields and meet the nutritional needs of their families and communities.

Dr. Rose Gidado, a renowned Director, Agricultural Biotechnology Department · National Biotechnology Development Agency, NABDA was called on during the live broadcast to enlighten listeners and farmers on  biotech seeds. During her discussion, Dr. Gidado underscored the importance of adopting science-based approaches to agriculture, highlighting the rigorous testing and regulatory processes that govern the development and deployment of biotech seeds. She urged the public to embrace evidence-based decision-making and to recognize the role of biotechnology in addressing global challenges such as climate change and food insecurity.

As Nigeria continues to grapple with food insecurity, initiatives from Public Intel Security Africa’s to help with human security serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the power of collective action in addressing pressing humanitarian challenges. With ongoing support and collaboration, the media organization remains committed to promoting sustainability and resilience for different sectors for the benefit of all Nigerians through solution journalism.

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