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Artificial Intelligence Enhances Access to Information- NITDA

Senatoe Iroegbu As Artificial Intelligence transforms lives at breakneck speed, it also presents countless avenues for access to information, intelligence gathering, sharing, security and privacy. The Director-General of National Information Technological Agency (NITDA), Mallam Kashifu Inuwa made the disclosure at a Workshop in  Commemoration of International Day for Universal Access to

Artificial Intelligence: What You Need to Know

By Arinze Okigbo Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is human-like intelligence in a machine that is programmed and created to mimic human thinking and actions. It has advanced over the years and has become better as people are learning more about it and improving on it. Artificial intelligence dates back to

DARPA’s AI Defeats Air Force Pilot 5-0 In Head-To-Head Competition

By Guy Snodgrass Heron Systems, the winner of a two-year Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) competition, yesterday fielded an artificial intelligence system that managed to not only outgun a top current U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and weapons school graduate but to score a flawless victory against its human opponent,

The most amazing artificial intelligence milestones so far

Bernard Marr Since the dawn of computing in the early 20thcentury, scientists and engineers have understood that the eventual aim is to build machines capable of thinking and learning in the way that the human brain – the most sophisticated decision-making system in the known universe – does. Today’s cutting-edge deep learning using artificial neural

Beyond killer robots: how artificial intelligence can improve resilience in cyber space

By Michael Sulmeyer and kathryn Dura Recently, one of us spent a week in China discussing the future of war with a group of American and Chinese academics. Everyone speculated about the role of artificial intelligence (AI), but, surprisingly, many Chinese participants equated AI almost exclusively with armies of killer robots. Popular imagination and

Artificial intelligence: Pros, cons and what to really fear

From the moment the word “robot” was first uttered in a Czechoslovakian play nearly 100 years ago, man has feared his creation will someday kill the creator. It's a narrative that has stuck with us, said Patrick Tucker, Defense One’s Technology Editor, at a recent event in Washington called Genius Machines: The Next Decade of

Artificial Intelligence should worry skilled knowledge workers too

Last year, two massive firms, FoxConn and Walmart, announced that they would be replacing 60,000 and 7,000 jobs, respectively, with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology. Six months later, Carrier followed, announcing its plans to automate 600 jobs. These structural shifts reflect a growing trend of integrating AI into the workforce. While

‘The battle has changed’-Osinbajo (full speech)

  By Yemi Osinbajo      Editor’s note: The Acting President of Nigeria has urged the Nigerian military in particular and the security architecture in general to change their strategy in the ongoing internal security, counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations across the country. Osinbajo is making this call in the light of the asymmetric nature