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N/Korea’s Military Threatens to Reenter Disarmed Border Areas

North Korea's military said Tuesday it is reviewing plans to reenter border areas disarmed under inter-Korean agreements, days after the North threatened to take military action over the sending of leaflets by activists from South Korea. The General Staff of the Korean People's Army (KPA) also revealed that the North would

North Korea urges South to stop mediating between North, US

North Korea said Thursday that South Korea must stop trying to mediate between Pyongyang and Washington, as it stepped up its pressure on the United States to work out new proposals to salvage deadlocked nuclear diplomacy. The North Korean statement was an apparent continuation of its displeasure with Seoul and Washington

Why nuclear diplomacy needs more women

•A homogenous group of policymakers make innovation less likely Elena Souris After months of “fire and fury,” a summit, “beautiful” love letters and a promise the North Korean threat was resolved, the latest nuclear weapons negotiation between the United States and North Korea failed. This isn’t surprising. We haven’t seen a U.S.-North Korea agreement because nuclear policy is

Seoul confirms North Korea tests short-range missile

William Gallo North Korea has test-fired a short-range missile, South Korea said Saturday, in what appears to be Pyongyang’s latest small-scale provocation following the breakdown of nuclear talks. North Korea fired the missile toward the east from the eastern town of Wonsan just after 9 a.m. local time, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs

Why North Korea’s cybercrime affects its US relationship

 William Tucker Former U.S. State Department Official David Asher once called North Korea a “Soprano state,” saying “North Korea is the only government in the world today that can be identified as being actively involved in directing crime as a central part of its national economic strategy and foreign policy.” Though it’s