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ISIS defeated — but in West Africa, extremism gets worse

Siobhan O'Grady and Danielle Paquette Days after President Trump declared the Islamic State’s caliphate had been eliminated in Syria, the prime minister ofone of West Africa’s most turbulent nations urged the United States to shift attention to a rising extremist threat in the Sahel. Malian Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga visited Washington

Special Report: Countering militancy in the Sahel

An overview of our recent reporting on the causes and humanitarian consequences of violent extremism in West Africa. Obi Anyadike Violent jihadism continues to gain ground in West Africa, ramping up humanitarian needs in a region where 18.5 million people already require aid. IRIN spent a year reporting from the Sahel to better understand what

EU Strategy in Sahel Focuses on Security

The European Union (EU) Special Representative to the Sahel Angel Losada Fernanadez discusses Europe's security strategy in the region, which focuses on integrating development, security, and governance in coordination with African actors on the ground, in this interview with the Africa Center. “Security in the Sahel is also security in Europe,”

Al-Qaeda group claims series of attacks across Sahel

Over the past few days, Al-Qaeda’s Group for Support of Islam and Muslims (JNIM), which operates within West Africa and the Sahel, has claimed several deadly attacks in both Mali and Burkina Faso. Within a span of week, the jihadist group claimed seven attacks on Malian and Burkinabe military targets, as

Human suffering underlines the urgency to do more in 2019

In 2019 the Peace and Security Council (PSC) is likely to see crises in places such as South Sudan, Somalia, the Central African Republic (CAR) and the Sahel remain on its agenda. Other burning issues such as Cameroon could spiral out of control if not handled by the continental body. The

Top 10 humanitarian crises and trends to watch in 2019–Report

Editor's note: These 10 crises and trends will help shape IRIN's coverage in 2019. Here’s why they have our attention and should demand yours. 1. Climate displacement: Tomorrow’s emergencies today Stephen Dupont/DFAT From rising sea levels to withering drought and unpredictable weather: projections for what the world can expect if climate change remains unchecked are

Editors’ picks: Why you need to read these 2018 stories–Report

•Why they matter in 2019 Editor's note: These top 10 most popular stories are those you clicked on most in 2018, but the IRIN team also had their own favourites. Over the past 12 months, IRIN reporters spanned out across the globe to examine under-reported crises,long-running conflicts, extremism, sudden disasters, slow-burning emergencies, and the humanitarian consequences of migration. Here are