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AU, FG seeks new narrative for youths as ‘agents of violence, insurgency’

Godsgift Onyedinefu The Federal Government of Nigeria has said that efforts towards sustainable peace and security in Nigeria, West African Region and African continent will remain a mirage if the youthful population are still perceived  as prepators of violence, insurgency and other security issues. The Minister for Youths and sports Development,

ISIS defeated — but in West Africa, extremism gets worse

Siobhan O'Grady and Danielle Paquette Days after President Trump declared the Islamic State’s caliphate had been eliminated in Syria, the prime minister ofone of West Africa’s most turbulent nations urged the United States to shift attention to a rising extremist threat in the Sahel. Malian Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga visited Washington

Special Report: Countering militancy in the Sahel

An overview of our recent reporting on the causes and humanitarian consequences of violent extremism in West Africa. Obi Anyadike Violent jihadism continues to gain ground in West Africa, ramping up humanitarian needs in a region where 18.5 million people already require aid. IRIN spent a year reporting from the Sahel to better understand what

Pirates abduct 6 Russian Sailors off west Africa coast

Six Russian Sailors have been abducted by pirates off the coast of Benin republic, the Russian Embassy in the West African nation said on Saturday. Among those taken hostage was the captain of the vessel, the embassy said, adding that all of the sailors have “vanished.’’ The abductees were Russian nationals. There were

Jihadism entrenches itself in Burkina Faso with bullets and bribes

Patrick Fort Once-bustling markets are hushed, popular bars are shut and tourists no longer venture to local sights in areas threatened by the encroachment of armed Islamist insurgents in eastern and northern Burkina Faso. "Before, in the time of highway robbers, we managed better, but with the jihadists it's really serious," said

How US military is expanding counterterrorism war across Africa

As the Pentagon was reviewing new plans for special operations missions in Africa, reducing overall troop numbers on the continent, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis designated three new named contingency operations. The most recent quarterly report from the Department of Defense Inspector General notes the creation of Operation Yukon Journey, a counterinsurgency operation, and counterterrorism operations in