Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Maureen Okpe

As part of it’s activities to double the impact of the travel with purpose goal by 2050, the Transcorp Hilton has again engaged the teeming Nigerian youth on career development in the hospitality sector.

Speaking at the opening of the event, the E-commerce Manager, Ijeoma Osuji stated that the training which was carried out simultaneously in all the over seven thousand Hilton hotels is aimed at increasing the knowledge of the possible career paths in the hospitality industry.

Osuji also noted that, the theme for this year; ‘Every job makes a stay’ relates to the concerted efforts and collaboration of all workers that results to the wonderful experience of the guest.

She said, “the theme for this year, means every job each person carries out has an impact on the guest experience as well as the team members. You have a good working relationship with the team members it translate to how we treat our guests and handle their matters and the experience they have.

“This project is aimed at engaging as many youth as we can within this period and teach them about the different careers that exists in hospitality business, and that is why it is not a one day programme it lasts for period of days so they can gain as much knowledge as they can, to guide them in their decision as to which career they can pursue and have a better understanding that what they study in school can actually fit in the hospitality business.

“For most of the participants there is one singular perception about hotels or hospitality as a place to eat and sleep, but there is more behind it, as some do not see themselves having a career in the hospitality business.

“This is part of our activities of the travel with purpose goal, to double the impact by 2030, yes there is a goal to train as much in hospitality as many as possible and it is not just at Transcorp Hilton in Abuja, it’s Hilton worldwide. In the over seven thousand Hilton hotels we have are carrying out the same training.

The E-commerce Manager disclosed that the hotel is engaging 30 persons with the aim to impact as many, adding the programme is a continuos effort as “it is not just this year and it will not be stopping anytime soon.”

She advised the participants to take home every lessons learnt within the period and understand that their job really matters, “take the training very seriously and have an open mind to translate everything they learn into their relationship with people, the guests and every individual out there.”

On her part the Senior Programmes Officer ACE Charity, Hasana Shuaibu said the project from a community service responsibility is set at achieving the employability of the Nigerian young graduates.

According to Shuaibu, “the 30 persons that are selected are new graduates without any form of job experience.

She declared the training to be an added advantage to the participants as ” when they put internship with Transcorp Hilton on their CVs it makes them more employable. And they are able to get some technical skills that they need to acquire in the various fields like accounting, chef, laundry business or which ever they have chosen for the future.

“Aside this, we have mentorship programmes that teach them soft skills, we teach them interviews. By the end of this internship session they would have become new people who are more confident, skilled and experienced.

“We have had so many success stories, aside those employed here at Transcorp, they are those who the training have helped them aced interviews, those who have started their own businesses. These are the things we want to achieve as many persons graduate.

“So far we have empowered about 200 people, we want this to be something we do regularly, because we want to reach as many young people as possible.”

One of the trainees, Stephanie Omachonu, expressed excitement for the opportunity the organization has granted her adding, “I am really beginning to understand that it takes more to sustain a hospitality business. The Hilton is a big brand and I am looking forward to learning as much as possible.”

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