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The Igbo question in the Nigerian project: What is our alternative?

    Editor's note: This is a speech being delivered by Senator Enyi Abaribe at the ICAM convention in Mississippi USA on October 7, 2017.     Protocols     What I will say here today may come as a surprise to many of you. For those that I will rub the wrong way, I apologize in advance.   However, "NDIGBO

The Barrel of a Gun: Political Power in Africa and the Coup d’État

In this powerful and concentrated exam­ ination of army interventions in African politics, Ruth First produces a general theory of power for independent states which goes a long way towards explain­ ing why they are so vulnerable to military coups. She gives detailed accounts of the coups in Nigeria,the Sudan and

Herdsmen: Nigeria’s expanding deadly conflict

Propelled by desertification, insecurity and the loss of grazing land to expanding settlements, the southward migration of Nigeria’s herders is causing violent competition over land with local farmers. To prevent the crisis from escalating, the government should strengthen security for herders and farmers, implement conflict resolution mechanisms and establish grazing

FORGOTTEN: How the Martyred Enugu Coal Miners accelerated Nigeria’s independence

Editor's note: This is an important part of Nigeria's history and sacrifice made for her independence. The story of Iva Valley shootings lucidely captured by Olanrewaju Onigegewura is a symbolic piece of struggle for freedom that are  often forgotten by archivers of Nigerian story. His name was Sunday Anyasado. It is

U.S. Oil Companies, the Nigerian Civil War, and the Origins of Opacity in the Nigerian Oil Industry

By Kairn A. Klieman Present-day oil producers in Africa suffer from the “oil curse” or the “natural resource curse.” Despite massive influxes of oil revenues, these nations experience stagnating economies, declining standards of living, and increasingly authoritarian and corrupt forms of government. Nigeria provides a classic example. Ranked fifth globally in

Three Takeaways from the Kenya Supreme Court Ruling

By the Africa Center for Strategic Studies The decision by the Court to nullify the results of the presidential election reflects the importance of independent institutions to legitimacy and stability in Africa.   On September 1, the Supreme Court of Kenya nullified the results of the country’s presidential election and ordered fresh polls

North East: Over 25 towns liberated from Boko Haram under Jonathan- New Book Reveals

Paschal Okeke The newly released book “Boko Haram Media War: An Encounter with the Spymaster” lists over 25 major towns and cities recaptured by the Nigerian military during the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan before the final handover to President Mohammed Buhari. The book authored by award-winning PR professional, Yushau Shuaib disclosed

Separatist agitations in Nigeria: Causes and trajectories

By Jideofor Adibe Editor's Note: This piece is the first of two blogs examining separatist agitations in Nigeria. The second part, "Separatist agitations in Nigeria: The way forward," is forthcoming. President Buhari’s health challenges have sparked intrigue in Nigeria and awakened the politics of succession, which revolve around an assumed power-sharing arrangement between