Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Godsgift Onyedinefu

Whiteink Institute for Strategy Education and Research  (WISER) is set to host a virtual roundtable with key experts to discuss the resurgence of military coups across developing nations, and particularly the rash of it across West Africa.

Alexander John Thurston, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, USA and Amb Usman Sarki – Former Deputy Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the Nigerian Permanent Mission at the UN are expected to speak at the roundtable which is proposed to hold virtually on Wednesday 16, February 2022, at 04.00 pm (West African Time).

Brig Gen Saleh Bala (Rtd), President and Founder WISER, noted that the resurgence of Military Coup in the continent could erode gains made on democracy. Hence, he said the roundtable will evaluate; The causes and effects of the resurgence of coups across the world and in West Africa in particular.

The legal and moral place of military coups as a tool for the protection of democracy; The viability of the democratic system of government in Africa; and the roles and responsibility of regional organizations and the international community in ensuring the practice of good democratic governance and in forestalling coups.

“The resurgence of military coups is threatening the growth of the nascent culture of democracy in some nations across the world. However, the prevalence and frequency of the coups across West Africa are of particular concern when adjudged against the mounting military-grade security challenges and massive development deficits whose origins can be traced to the abysmal performance of democracy in specific nations.

“It would be important for the military to maintain its traditional role of the defence of the sovereignty and support to civilian authority when calling upon, as this is within the classical principles of civil-military relations and its subjugation to democratic civil control,” Selah said.

“It is hoped that at the end of discussions, the theory will be matched with reality to reveal and chart a fact-based practical approach to managing the dilemma at the heart of the resurgence of the aberration of military rule through coups in Africa,” he enthused.

WISER is a private institution established in 2015 which aims at capacity building for governmental and non-governmental, local, and international middle and senior-level executives on effective security sector governance, strategic planning, development, and implementation. The institute furthers its training base by engaging in world-class independent and bespoke research into critical domestic and international security challenges.

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