Tue. May 21st, 2024

By Maureen Okpe

The African Democratic Congress (ADC), has blamed the Federal Government (FG) on the increasing rate of insecurity, lamenting that the life of citizens are unbearable following the bad leadership style in the country.

Director General ADC Campaign Council Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, made this accusation on Wednesday, at a press conference in Abuja.

Suleiman expressed worry over the incessant state of insecurity in the country, lamenting, the blood of innocent citizens being constantly shed in all parts of the nation.

He stressed that past rulers made sacrifice to build the nation despite the diversity, adding, the ruling party lack the power to rule as their intention into positions of authority is based on selfish interest.

“Our past leaders carved a glorious path for our development as a people, and many of them had to pay the supreme price for standing by the Nigerian villager, the trader, the teacher, the farmer and the rich merchants so that every region competed with other regions, yet occassionally conceding ground and making massive sacrifices to keep the nation united and push it past critical turning points when national survival was threatened.

“Unfortunately, subsequent leadership role slipped into the hands of people poorly-prepared and ill-equipped to lead, except for their ambitions for power and the acquisition of wealth.

“Many of our leaders today will prefer to leave the bulk of Nigerians in poverty, fighting each other, so that they can continue to manipulate them during elections, but not showing real commitment to reducing youth unemployment, insecurity and poverty, and have failed to deal with Nigerian problems, not to mention international issues.

“Consequently, our people have been left in the doldrum for too long and the country rudderless. The systemic corruption insecurity and rent collection syndrome has resulted to our dear country being the poverty capital of the world and our intelligence and defence institutions stripped naked. Nigeria has become one of the most unsafe nation with the blood of the innocent flow like rivers. Life is unbearable in the country because leadership has failed.

The Director General stated that the ADC is set to correct the ill in governance as part of its “primary mission is to change the current Nigeria’s political culture from one that serves only the leaders, to one which creates leaders that serve the people.

“The authenticity in ADC handshake symbol, is in the confidence that with love and thoughtful we can collectively design a comprehensive solution frames to the myriads of our today’s and future challenges with a solid foundations that resonate with our diversity.

“Nigerians today needs to hear the truth, it should be told that it has lost the energy and impetus to take up issues that were once the major focus of its leaders. With ADC that era is over,” he said.

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