Wed. May 29th, 2024

International community not doing enough as Israel insists on invading Rafah

Senator Iroegbu

On the 181st day of relentless conflict in Gaza, reports of escalating violence and dire humanitarian conditions continue to emerge, painting a grim picture of the situation on the ground even as Israel insists on invading Rafah.

This is coming as the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Nigeria, Amb. Abdullah Abu Shawesh, in a recent statement, lamented that despite the worsening humanitarian crises, the US has continued to provide support to Israel.

He also regretted that despite global outcry against it, Israel still insists on invading the Rafah city in Gaza. He said: “Israel still threatens and insists on invading Rafah, where an estimated 1.5 million Palestinian civilians, including 600,000 children, are sheltering from the ongoing devastating Israeli onslaught and bombardments.”

Shawesh quoted former Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode, saying that what is unfolding in Gaza constitutes “the most heinous, vicious, disgraceful, genocidal act” in the history of mankind. He regretted that the international community stands witness as the conflict persists, with devastating consequences for the civilian population.

Recent revelations, the envoy noted, have shed light on the role of international actors in fueling the crisis. The United States’ authorization of billions of dollars’ worth of arms sales to Israel has come under scrutiny, as Washington faces criticism for supporting Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. Similarly, the UK government has received legal advice indicating Israel’s violation of international humanitarian law, yet arms exports to Israel continue unabated.

The toll of the conflict on Gaza’s population is staggering. The World Health Organization reports that virtually all households are struggling to access necessities, with malnutrition and disease rampant. As of now, the conflict has resulted in 32,916 casualties and 75,494 injuries, with two-thirds of the victims being women and children. Thousands remain missing, trapped under the rubble as rescue efforts are hampered by ongoing hostilities.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza extends beyond casualties, with widespread destruction of infrastructure and displacement of civilians. Reports indicate that 70% of residential areas have been destroyed, leaving 80% of the population forcibly displaced. Schools, hospitals, and essential services are targeted, exacerbating the suffering of civilians.

Despite calls for intervention and urgent humanitarian assistance, the situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate. The International Court of Justice recently ordered Israel to comply with its obligations under the Genocide Convention, urging the provision of urgent humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza. However, reports suggest that Israel has disregarded these directives, escalated its violations and exacerbated the suffering of civilians.

As the conflict persists, the international community faces mounting pressure to address the crisis and uphold the rights of the Palestinian people. With lives at stake and humanitarian conditions deteriorating by the day, urgent action is needed to bring an end to the violence and alleviate the suffering of civilians in Gaza.

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