Thu. May 30th, 2024

Maureen Okpe

The Truth Alliance, a newly formed civil society group have debunked the claims by the Boko Haram sect to represent Islam, stating their actions laced with disregard for human life fall short of the Islamic religion.

In a statement on Friday, the group condemned the actions of the extremist group, noting they are out to destroy the concerted efforts made by the government to provide peace and stability in the country.
Member of the Alliance, Ahmad Mustapha said, “The sect are always out to harm innocent people, lie, cheat and commit all sorts of crimes against every member of the society.

“The violent extremist groups always conveniently find ways to hide the truth about what they do.”
In a campaign tagged ‘Time to Tell the Truth’, the Truth Alliance has come together to expose the truth behind how violent extremist groups draw young people into their ranks. 

“These groups manipulate, they deceive, they Control, they kill, they kidnap, they destroy, and their movement as well as ideology is inherently weak.”

Commenting on the death of innocent Muslim worshippers after a recent suicide bombing in Northeast Nigeria, some members of the Truth Alliance described the killings as having no part in Islam, revealing instead their “utter disregard for those who choose to worship during the Holiest month of the year.”

The Truth Alliance is a fearless advocate for justice and transparency, committed to unmasking the truth behind extremist agendas and empowering communities to resist tyranny and violence. Through education, outreach, and collaboration, the Truth Alliance strives to build a safer, more resilient society for all.

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