Thu. May 30th, 2024

Maureen Okpe

A renowned gospel artist, Ann Ekwy Nosike, has charged Nigerians to keep faith, even as hard times, stressing, as Christians hope in God can pull the nation through difficulties.

Nosike stated this on Tuesday, while speaking at her music album launch, ‘Udechukwu’ in Abuja, noting that, despite the continuous attack of bandits and terrorists in all the regions in Nigeria, trust for God should be maintained.

“The country is really hard but what do we do,we cannot give up, our hope in God is that one day,things will change for the better.

“The hit track ‘Udechukwu’ which means God’s reign is my way of advocating for people to trust in God. With what is happening in our country today if the reign of God is conscious in every man’s heart,things will change for the better.

A psychologist with the Nigerian Police Force, department of Education, Mrs Franca Uloma,reiterated the need for persons to allow the reign of God in their lives.

Uloma while reviewing the tittle and hit track of the album ‘Udechukwu,’ noted that the reign of God is supreme no matter the situations experienced.

She said, “in Nigeria we are going through a lot of problems, but irrespective of crisis and challenges the reign of God cannot be questioned.

“Despite the killings, activities of terrorism and banditry, we still wake up to go about our daily activities, this is because Nigerians understand that, when God is reigning, when he is control all will be well with his children,” she said.

Also, Vicar Anglican Church of Resurrection Duboyi, Abuja, Rev. Oluwaseun Owoeye, stated that,this year according to the Church,is the year of the reign of God, this song, he said, is in line with the vision of the primate as when God reigns peace must definitely reign,and so is progress, promotion and all other positive things.

On his part, a seasoned journalist with the Premium Times,Nosike Uguenyi stated the need to explore other forms of appealing to the conscience of citizens, noting the need for the song at a time like this.

He said, “when God reigns, people are happy, irrespective of the ethnic group, religion and geographical diversity because there will be the believe that we are one as children of God. This will also create room for transparency as corruption will disappear.

“This music is very timely, as it is not only gun battle with terrorist that works sometimes we can use music to appeal to people conscience to change their way, which is referred to as non-kinetic action, through persuasion.

“This is because there is no one who does not like music,even the so called criminals, they all like music, and listening to this will help create the change we seek.”

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