Mon. May 20th, 2024

Princess Kelechi

Eminent nationalists, Statesmen, and foremost true federalism campaigners, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, Leader of the Afenifere socio political group, and Pa Edwin Clark, leader of the Southern & Middle Belt Forum are set to grace the Greater Nigeria Conference this Monday April 25, at the International Conference Centre Abuja.

The Greater Nigeria Conference being organized as a pan Nigeria dialogue by the non partisan Nzuko Umunna, a global Igbo Think Tank, is dedicated towards awakening the best ethnic and political fraternities of Nigerians to appreciate the binding need for  accommodation and  sacrifice, in supporting a Nigerian President from the South East region of Nigeria come 2023 elections.

The plannings are  complete, the audience is ready, and more patriotic Nigerians are now selfless in championing the truth, that our country can only get better and faster on the wheels of equality, justice, fairness and deliberate inclusion,  to all her citizens, especially the Southeast people of Nigeria,  the statement by Collins Steve Ugwu, the GNC Media Coordinator revealed.

Aside the nationalist patriots expected in Abuja from all over the country, are also our  Governors from the Southeast region, who  will play central roles to the big idea of a Nigerian President from the Southeast persuasion project. It is already heart warming, and a sign of great awareness what one of them, Governor Hope Uzodinma, of Imo state declared passionately this week. That  Ndigbo have cried enough on their marginalization, and  Nigerians should grant the region a fair playing ground, come 2023 general elections for the Presidency.

Hear him in clear sync with the GNC project, “No one in Nigeria can deny the fact that Ndigbo are zealous, patriotic and committed to the oneness of Nigeria. All that they demand is a level playing field for all of us to operate and compete,” the Governor said.

Amplifying this firm and fair resolve, he again called Nigerians’ attention to history, thus,  “Most of the patriots who engineered the plan that made the Southwest region produce the presidential candidates for the two major political parties in 1999 are still alive and active in Nigerian politics. That same underlying love for the country that inspired them to do what they did for the Southwest in 1999, should inspire them to do the same for the Southeast in 2023,” 

That simply is a factual foretaste to the many more of  what Greater Nigeria Conference will put in the front burner, as they gather all the Presidential aspirants from Southeast before Nigerians to dialogue and persuade the election of one as Nigeria President in the spirit of Together We Can do better for this country.
Greater Nigeria Conference is being led by His Excellency, Chief Okwesilieze Nwodo, for Governor of Enugu State, Sen. Victor Umeh and Sen Chris Anyanwu amongst other Igbo patriots from home and the diaspora.

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