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Pictorial evidence of those allegedly killed in Eastern part of Nigeria (Photo Credit | Intersociety)
By Intersociety

Security Forces, Jihadists Killed 1400 Defenceless Citizens In 14 Months (Oct 2020-Dec 2021) 

4800 civilians arrested, 1000 missing

100 Igbo communities invaded, 1000 homes attacked and N40b properties lost

Executive Summary (Two Pages)

The Nigerian security forces, presently structured along Northern Muslim lines and deployed in Eastern Nigeria had in fourteen months or between late October 2020 and Dec 2021 killed not less than 1,150 defenseless citizens of Eastern Nigeria. All the victims are members of Judeo-Christian Faith and mostly ethnic Igbo citizens. Their killings represent monthly average of 85 deaths and daily average of three and could be monthly average of 155 and daily average of 5.5 deaths if the presumed dead 1000 missing citizens are added. The security forces also abducted and disappeared till date in the same past 14 months at least 1000 unarmed civilians; arrested alive and unarmed and taken into security custodies outside the knowledge of their families or lawyers, from where they have gone missing till date. Soldiers of the Nigerian Army are found to be responsible for at least 70% of their abduction and disappearances while DSS, NPF, Nigerian Navy and Nigerian Air Force are separately and jointly responsible for the remaining 30%.

In the area of ‘perpetrator ratio’, soldiers of the Nigerian Army and various ‘special squads’ of the Nigeria Police Force are the lead-killers or perpetrators. The trio of Governors Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, Nyesom Wike of Rivers State and Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State are the most vicariously culpable Governors that aided and abetted the killings and property destruction including burning of civilian homes and sanctuaries.  On the other hand, the widely believed Nigerian State protected Jihadists especially the Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen are responsible for hacking to death in 2021 alone of at least 270 Igbo Christians. Their death had majorly occurred in Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Abia and Igbo parts of Delta, Edo (Obiaruku and Igbo-Akiri), Benue and Kogi States. The killings by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen have brought the total number of defenseless citizens traceably killed in Eastern Nigeria in the past 14 months to at least 1,400. This is when added to 1,150 defenseless civilian deaths perpetrated by security forces.

The Death Toll Could Be 2,400 If 1000 Missing/Presumed Dead Citizens Are Added

It is therefore likely correct to say that in all, not less than 2,400 unarmed civilians lost their lives to Nigerian security forces and the Jihadists in Eastern Nigeria in the past 14 months-covering October 2020 to December 2021. This is on account of the fact that the not less than 1000 missing persons are likely to have been killed in custodies and most unlikely to be returned alive to their families again. This is more so when strong evidence abounds showing no traces of location and securing the release of citizens abducted by soldiers of the Nigerian Army in Eastern Nigeria since January 2021. They also hardly handover or transfer those arrested or abducted to the Police. From our investigation, most, if not all those abducted by them since January 2021 have never been located by families or seen alive till date.

Same was the case during and after the Army’s war grade attack on Obigbo in late October-early November 2020. It is shocking that while dozens died in different secret military custodies within and outside Eastern Nigeria, not less than 550 of the abductees were later independently located, out of the number, 418 were freed through courts and 95-100 others were discovered in late November 2021 to have been dumped in Kaduna Prisons and Lock Centers. Over 40 of the abductees were also found to have been killed in custody through torture and infliction of injuries as well as starvation and lack of medical treatment. Estimated number of 200 Obigbo abductees is still unaccounted for and their whereabouts are unknown till date. Intersociety has continued to receive enquiry messages from dozens of families of those searching for their loved ones. The Nigerian Army is further acting roguishly by holding their abductees for over a year through intra and inter-agency detention transfers-whereby the abductees are secretly held without trial in several military and security agencies’ detention facilities leading to scores of custodial deaths.

4800 Arrested, 2000 Still Held, 700 Freed, Others Killed Or Disappeared

Analytically, estimated 4800 unarmed citizens of Eastern Nigeria have been arrested or abducted by security forces in the past 14 months (since late October 2020), out of the number, 660 were traceably killed in security custodies, about 500 were killed in open shootings mainly carried out by soldiers of the Nigerian Army and personnel of other branches of the Armed Forces-with a clear case in point being dumping of over 100 dead victims of Army’s open shooting of civilians at the Owerri Federal Medical Center. Not less than 1000 mainly abducted civilians have disappeared or presumed dead mainly in military custodies. No fewer than 2000 unarmed civilians are still detained without trial and only 700 of the arrested 4800 citizens have regained their freedom in the past 14 months. The freed 700 citizens had included 418 Obigbo abductees and some 300 other civilian citizens arrested by security forces in the East since January 2021. Most of them got freed after being forced to offer average of N1m per freed detainee. This was majorly the case in the hands of the Nigeria Police Force especially its “IRT”, “STS”, “CTU”, ”Anti Kidnapping”, “SWAT/SARS” and “the Special Forces” comprising the operatives of the Army, Police, DSS, Navy, Air Force, NSCDC, etc.

Other Summarized Findings

This Special Investigative Report also found that not less than 400 leaders/members of the African Instituted Churches, derogatorily called “White Garment Churches” including Sabbath sects and their likes have been abducted or killed in security custodies. Through religious profiling and persecution and fueled by false labeling and without concrete and indictable pieces of evidence, the Nigerian security forces have designated them as ‘terrorist religious group’ and hatefully accused them of membership and sponsorship of “ESN/IPOB”. Many, if not most of their sacred sanctuaries and symbols of worship and dwelling houses have also been burnt down or destroyed by security forces. Traditional herbalists across Eastern Nigeria have also become endangered species in the hands of security forces. From the camps of about five designated categories of “Unknown Gunmen” operating in Igbo parts of Eastern Nigeria, not less than 100 civilian deaths have been recorded in the Region since July 2021 with Imo, Anambra, Enugu and Abia as the worst hit. From the angle of international law’s recognized “legitimate deaths” or deaths arising from battlefields’ combats between security forces and armed opposition groups (i.e. ESN/’Unknown Gunmen’), a total of 300 security operatives and 100 opposition armed men have lost their lives in the past 14 months.

 It was our further investigative discovery that no fewer than 100 Igbo communities have been invaded by security forces in the past 14 months and caused not less than 1000 homes or dwelling houses to be raided and razed during which properties such as the land housing each of the buildings, the building structure, electronics and electrical appliances, chairs and house utensils, food items, economic trees, domestic animals, automobiles and other valuable items were destroyed or burnt to ashes or looted. From our conservative estimates, each house, its land and properties is worth not less than N35m, translating to N35billion for the estimated 1000 dwelling houses destroyed or burnt down. The remaining N5b arises from other outside-the-house properties destroyed or burnt down including market stores and their wares-totaling N40billion as total properties’ value lost in the hands of the Nigerian security forces particularly soldiers of the Nigerian Army and other branches of the Armed Forces.

Igbo Nation Target Of The Killings

The killings by Nigerian security forces had occurred mostly in Igbo-Christian parts of Eastern Nigeria including Imo, Rivers, Abia, Ebonyi, Anambra, Enugu and Akwa Ibom States as well as Delta and Cross River States which recorded the lowest number of deaths. Further breakdown indicates that the Nigerian security forces were specifically responsible for killing of at least 1000 defenseless citizens in the East in 2021 while Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen killed not less than 270 in the same 2021. The Nigerian Army had also between October and November 2020 killed not less 150 defenseless civilians in Obigbo (Oyigbo Local Government Area) and its environs in Rivers State and abducted over 700 civilians; and out of the number, 418 have been independently located and freed. While no fewer than 110 defenseless citizens were killed in Obigbo and its environs, the remaining 40 deaths occurred in different secret Army custodies where the Obigbo abductees were secretly detained amidst torture and starvation. Another 100 abducted defenseless citizens were recently (in late November 2021) traced and discovered to have been dumped at Kaduna Prisons and Lock Centers, out of the number, five died. Over 40 of the over 700 abductees were also found to have been killed in various secret Army custodies.

End Of Executive Summary

Imo State Recorded Highest Deaths Of 300 In State-By-State Breakdown

Imo State accounted for the highest number of those traceably killed by security forces especially soldiers of the Nigerian Army and personnel of the Nigeria Police “special squads”. The State accounted for at least 300 deaths from the 1,150 deaths; followed by Rivers with 200 deaths including 150 deaths arising October-November 2020 Obigbo Army attacks. The Nigeria Police IRT Headquarters or ‘Abattoir’ at Abuja was responsible for not less than 150 custodial deaths (mainly citizens arrested from Imo State), followed by Abia State with not less than 130 deaths. Anambra and Ebonyi accounted for 100 deaths each while Akwa Ibom recorded at least 60 deaths. The Headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force Criminal Investigations Department (FCID) and its ‘Special Tactical Squad’ and ‘Counter Terrorism Unit’ at Abuja also accounted for at least 50 extra-judicial or custodial killings. Delta and Cross River recorded the remaining minimum of 60 deaths; totaling 1,150 defenseless citizens’ deaths in 14 months. Imo State also accounted for at least 40% of the circumstantially discovered 1000 missing/presumed dead citizens, followed by Rivers State. The not less than 270 Igbo-Christian deaths arising from attacks by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen in Igbo Nation territory in 2021 majorly took place in ancestral Igbo parts of Benue and Kogi where no fewer than 90 deaths occurred; followed by Ebonyi and Enugu with at least 80 deaths; Igbo Delta/Edo with no fewer than 50 deaths. The rest are Anambra with at least 30 deaths and Imo and Abia with at least 30 deaths, totaling 270 Igbo-Christian deaths.  

60% Of The 1,150 Deaths Occurred In Army And Police Custodies

It is shocking to note that no fewer than 60% of the 1,150 deaths occurred in custodies manned by soldiers of the Nigerian Army and personnel of the Nigeria Police Force. In other words, not less than 60% of those killed were arrested or abducted alive and unarmed, falsely labeled and killed in custody in batches. The remaining 40% of the deaths which came from open killings was found to have been mainly perpetrated by soldiers of the Nigerian Army who were also responsible for disappearance of 70% of the 1000 missing persons in the past 14 months or between late October 2020 and December 2021. Soldiers specifically accounted for 80% of the entire open killings and 70% of the abductions and disappearances. It must be stated that the 1000 missing persons did not include the 1,150 persons shot and killed by soldiers and various police squads.

Formations Of Security Forces Responsible For The Killings And Disappearances

The NPF formations where the killings had occurred included Police ‘IRT’ or “Intelligence Response Team” (i.e. Tiger Base in Owerri and FCIB Abattoir in Abuja), Force CID’s STS (‘Special Tactical Squad’ and CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit), Abuja; Police SWAT (formerly Police Special Anti Robbery Squad), Police Anti Kidnapping and Police Criminal Investigation Department formations located in the East and Abuja as well as the Nigerian Army formations in the East including those in Ohafia, Aba, Asa, Obinze, Onitsha, Ogoja, Uyo, Calabar, Asaba, Abakiliki and Enugu and others such as the Mogadishu Barracks in Abuja and Army’s secret detention facilities in Niger, Keffi (in Nasarawa State), Benue, Kaduna, FCT, etc. Other security agencies responsible for abduction of unnamed citizens of Eastern Nigeria and their custodial killings or disappearances include Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Air Force and the State Security Services. While the Nigerian Navy uses its facilities located at Owerre-Nta in Abia State, Ogbaru in Anambra State and Uyo and Calabar in Akwa Ibom and Cross River to abduct, detain, torture, starve with possibility of scores being killed in their custody, DSS abducts and secretly holds its captives for several months or one year and above in its various secret facilities amidst physical and psychological torture and other deprivations and without legitimate judicial processes including legitimate court trials. The Nigerian Air Force also uses its facilities in Enugu and Owerri, etc to perpetrate same heinous crimes including late May 2021 massive looting at Enyiogugu Market Square at Mbaise and shooting to death by its 211 Regiment in Owerri of a German based Igbo citizen, Citizen Oguchi Unachukwu on 1st June 2021 at Sam Mbakwe Airport.

100 Civilians Killed By State Actor And Non State Actor Raised “Unknown Gunmen”

Not less than 100 civilians lost their lives to State actor and non State actor raised “Unknown Gunmen” in Eastern Nigeria since at least July 2021. Recent investigation by Intersociety has identified five major categories of “Unknown Gunmen” operating in the East; namely: (a) “Unknown Gunmen” with suspected links to Eastern Security Network, an anti Islamic Jihad armed opposition group raised by the Indigenous People of Biafra, (b) Unknown Gunmen” with suspected links to splinter self determination agitators, among them are those enforcing ‘Monday Sit-at-Home’, (c) “Unknown Gunmen” with suspected links to some sub-national Governments in the East such as those of Imo and Ebonyi States.

In Ebonyi State, one of them is known as “MORE CAN BE DONE”; a notorious killer group indirectly linked to Ebonyi political corridors of power and responsible for at least 30 deaths in the State in 2020-2021. The secretly sub-nationally funded killer groups are also secretly armed by their sub national Governments to engage in wanton destruction of lives and properties for purpose of reprisals or blaming same on armed opposition group directly linked to a leading self determination agitation group in Eastern Nigeria as well as their political rivals. It is also strongly suspected that there are (d) “Unknown Gunmen” raised within the country’s security forces for purpose of engaging in wanton destruction of lives and properties so as to blame same on ESN and its IPOB. The newest of the brigand (e) “Unknown Gunmen” is that disguised as ‘Miyatti Allah Vigilante Group’; strongly suspected to have been backed and protected by the country’s security forces. An undeniable ‘pro Jihad armed opposition group’, unconfirmed reports have further indicated that the group has been moved and provided safe corridors by security forces particularly the Army into Eastern Nigeria since late 2021, with a clear mission to re-enter and re-occupy strategic Eastern forests, bushes and farmlands. Such have been reported lately in Egudene-Ekpofu in Nkanu East, Enugu State where soldiers have been strongly accused of aiding the return of Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen into the boundary Forest of Egudene-Ekpofu, Oruku, Amechi Idoodo and Amegunze from where they were dislodged by the affected communities in March 2020.

Soldiers had retaliated by invading and attacking the area three times in the row, killing scores. They also invaded several homes at late night and destroyed several buildings and properties. Reports from the area are coming to Intersociety in torrents indicating that thousands of cow and their herders (mixed with Jihadists) have been aided by security forces back to the area. Therefore, past six months in Eastern Nigeria has witnessed a litany of bloody attacks  on civilians and their properties by state actor and non state actor raised “Unknown Gunmen” leading to death of not less than 100 persons and wanton destruction of properties including automobiles worth hundreds of millions of naira. The most affected States in the attacks are Imo, Anambra, Abia and Enugu. Victims of the attacks had included prominent businessmen and women and political figures and professionals-with some caught during ‘invincibly enforced’ Monday sit-at-home and others during the 2021 Anambra Governorship electioneering. Scores have also been killed in Imo State.

Legitimate Deaths: 300 Security Operatives And 100 Opposition Armed Men Killed

By the provisions of the Int’l Laws of Armed Conflict and its relevant Principles, ‘deaths arising from battlefields involving state actor and non state actor combatants in clear exchange of gun battle are referred to as “legitimate deaths” and are excluded from “war crimes” and related atrocities. Disallowed and forbidden are killing of civilians and burning or bombing of their homes and sacred places of worship and learning or destruction of their symbols of worship and livelihoods.  Forbidden too are killing of the wounded opposition combatants or killing in custody of surrendered or arrested armed opposition or state actor combatants. In the case of Nigerian security forces’ exchange of gunfire with non state actor “Unknown Gunmen” since January 2021, not less than 300 security operatives have been killed-with at least 100 opposition combatants losing their lives. As at 11th June 2021, a total of 235 security operatives lost their lives in offensive attacks launched against them by “Unknown Gunmen”.

Soldiers Raided 100 Igbo Communities, Razed 1000 Homes And Destroyed N40B Properties

Soldiers of the Nigerian Army, joined in some cases by the combined forces of Police, DSS, NSCDC and other members of the Armed Forces have in the past 14 months raided not less than 100 Igbo communities, attacked not less than 1000 dwelling houses belonging to unarmed civilians and destroyed properties valued at not less than N40billion. It is forbidden in military tradition and modern warfare for soldiers to target and engage in wanton destruction of properties belonging to civilian population or properties that do not constitute “military necessity”. Such heinous acts are internationally and severely punishable as “war crimes” or “crimes against humanity”. Atrociously, soldiers and other security forces deployed in Eastern Nigeria have mindlessly targeted and razed civilian houses with impunity. Soldiers have also been found to have turned themselves into ‘looters’. A clear case in point was the looting spree by the Nigerian Air Force (211 Regiment, Owerri) personnel on May 30th and 31st 2021 at Enyiogugu Market Square in Mbaise, Imo State.

Therefore, the Nigerian security forces particularly soldiers of the Nigerian Army have been monitored and investigated and found to have invaded not less than 100 Igbo communities and raided 1000 homes and razed properties valued at not less than N40billion. Most of the attacks had taken place in Imo State where over 13 Local Government Areas including Orsu, Oru East, Oru West, Orlu, Njaba, Mbaitolu, Ohaji/Egbema, Okigwe, Ideato North, Owerri North, Owerri West, Onuimo, Oguta and a good number of their communities numbering over 60 have been attacked.  In Abia State, Aba North and Aba South, Isiala-Ngwa, Osisioma, Umuahia-Ibeku, Ohafia, Abiriba, etc have been attacked. In Oyigbo (Obigbo) Local Government Area of Rivers State, all its major communities were affected. In Anambra State, Ihiala, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo LGAs were involved. In Enugu, Awgu, Nkanu East, Nkanu West, Eha-Amufu, etc were involved. In Ebonyi, Ohaukwu, Ikwo LGAs and others were involved.

Soldiers/Security Forces Destroyed N40B Properties In 1000 Attacks In The East

Using Awgu, Nkanu East and Nkanu West, Orsumoghu, Orsu-Ihiteukwa, Orlu, Obigbo, Lilu, Ohafia, Attah, Umutazi, and Njaba (Awomama) as our case study, average of 10 dwelling houses have been targeted, attacked and razed in each of the 100 Igbo communities. The valuable properties involved in each of the razed houses include main building and its perimeter fence, household properties including electronics and electrical appliances, chairs; house utensils, food items, economic trees and domestic animals and a parcel of land hosting the dwelling house. Totality of these is conservatively valued at N35m per razed dwelling house, translating to N35billion for 1000 dwelling houses that have been attacked. The remaining N5billion represents outside-the-house properties burnt or destroyed including market stalls, their wares and automobiles. Instances of soldiers’ late night invasion of civilian homes in the East in the past 14 months are too many to be mentioned. Apart from burning down houses and sanctuaries and properties of most of the leaders/members of the African Instituted Churches (Sabbath, Cherubim and Jewish Religion, etc), soldiers have also sacked thousands of families in Eastern Nigeria and burnt down or destroyed their dwelling homes-forcing many, if not most of them into homelessness.  

While 25 members of the Egole’s extended Family are presently wandering homelessly in Orlu following soldiers and Police IRT attack and razing down of their houses and sanctuaries in February 2021, four key members of their Family (Cletus, Eugene, Chinedu and Chimezie) are not only nowhere to be found, but also two Pastors among them, Pastor Cletus and Pastor Chinedu have been killed in Police IRT custody. On 12th Dec 2021, soldiers and other members of the security forces stormed Orsu-Ihiteukwa and neighboring communities in Imo State in over 40 trucks and two armored vehicles and laid the area under siege for over five hours (1am-5.30am), breaking into homes and sacking families at sleep and in the end they killed scores and took away no fewer than 50 citizens of the area-with their whereabouts unknown till date. Same was the case in communities in Orlu, Njaba, Ihiala, Oru East, Oru West, Orsu, etc on 24th, 26th, 30th and 31st December 2021 as well as 16th Jan 2022. Many indigenes of the area had run away from their homes and slept in the bush during those late night attacks. On 15th Dec 2021, we investigated and found that private and missionary morgues located in Orsumoghu and Orsu-Ihiteukwa and their environs had been taken over by corpses of the victims of the Nigerian Army attacks in the area. These are just to mention but a few.   

Security Forces Abducted Or Killed 400 Leaders/Members Of African Instituted Churches

The Nigerian security forces have in the past 14 months abducted or killed in custody not less than 400 leaders/members of the African Instituted Churches-a key branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)-derogatorily called “White Garment Churches”.  Many, if not most of their houses, sanctuaries and properties were razed or burnt down or destroyed. Prominent traditional herbalists across Igbo Land have also not been spared. In February 2021 alone, over 33 Sabbath and other leaders of the African Instituted Churches were arrested in Orlu and labeled “ESN/IPOB spiritualists or herbalists or charms providers”. Hundreds were also abducted in subsequent months. According to a media report, dated 9th Dec 2021, ‘no fewer than 133 Jewish worshippers are presently languishing in security custodies across the country following their arrest between Feb 2020 and Sept 2021 in Southeast Nigeria for having links with the Indigenous People of Biafra’; an accusation found to constitute criminal labeling, jungle justice or ‘trial by ordeal’.

Pastor Cletus Egole and his Pharmacist wife, Ifeyinwa were also arrested in Feb 2021 in Orlu and accused of ‘being sponsors of ESN/IPOB’. Pastor Cletus Egole, before his abduction and killing in custody, was a Pastor in charge of a Synagogue Church in Orlu. Another Jewish Religion Pastor in the area was also arrested and falsely labeled. He is also likely to have been killed in Police IRT detention.  Not done, Pastor Cletus Egole’s church, dwelling house and his wife’s pharmaceutical store were all burnt down or destroyed. Dozens of leaders of the African Instituted Churches (Sabbath, Cherubim, Church of Christ Apostolic Mission, etc) have also been abducted by security operatives and dumped permanently in detention without trial or killed in custody. Many of them have their sanctuaries, homes and properties burnt or destroyed. These are just to mention but a few.

Clear Position Of Intersociety On The Killings And Burning Of Civilian Homes

The leadership of Int’l Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law has been monitoring and documenting several military and other security forces’ operations in Eastern Nigeria in the past eight years and lately since 2020 EndSARS protests. The atrocious activities of the Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen in the Region have also been monitored. We are also not unaware of the complicity of the security forces in the attacks against Eastern Nigeria civilians by the Jihadists. We further wish to state that upward changes in figures and statistics contained in this Special Investigative Report were borne out of fresh discovery of more facts and pieces of evidence including pieces of evidence obtained from some freed victims who hugely bribed their way out or procured their freedom to avoid being killed or tortured to death in police custody. More killings and abductions have also taken place since our last updates in September 2021 as well as discovery of more killings and abductions not captured in our previous updates.

Intersociety as a knowledge based organization and lettered in local and international laws remains strongly opposed to resort to offensive violence by armed state and non armed state actors. It is our insistence that due processes must be followed at all times in fishing out suspected criminals and criminal entities. This is more so when the International Law Principles which are universally applicable including in Nigeria have clearly laid down the status of a ‘criminal/criminal suspect’ before the law and law enforcement processes and procedures. By the universally mandatorily compliant Principles: “a citizen is not a criminal until he or she is thoroughly or fully subjected to processes of reasonable suspicion, investigation, lawful arrest and detention, prosecution, fair hearing and fair trial and convictable sentencing”. It is also atrocious and forbidden for a citizen to be arrested alive and unarmed or armed and taken into custody and be killed in detention without court order.

It is therefore our position that the Nigerian security forces are waging offensive violence on ethnic and religious grounds against the Eastern Nigeria civilian population. They are also engaging in ethnic and religious profiling and persecution as well as committing heinous crimes and engaging in other internationally prohibited acts or conduct atrocities. While Intersociety is in no way opposed to legitimate, rule of law and human rights compliant security operations in any part of the country including Eastern Nigeria, it strongly opposes an assemblage of ethnically and religiously sectional forces hiding under “Nigerian security forces” to wage annihilative and persecutorial offensive violence against defenseless and vulnerable civilian population of Eastern Nigeria. Pieces of evidence abound from right, left and center in Eastern Nigeria showing that security forces are deliberately going after civilian population and their properties including dwelling houses in place of the targeted suspected criminal entities and armed opposition groups. This further explains why they now resort to operate during hours of the blue law or forbidden hours, thereby turning themselves into roguish security forces or agencies.

We Are Grounded In Law, Research And Investigation

It must be remembered that the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (InterSociety) is Nigeria’s leading human rights, rule of law, citizens and public security and safety and democracy and good governance advocacy group since 2008. Intersociety is also a knowledge based organization, led by graduates and post graduates in the celebrated fields of law, criminology, security studies, peace studies and conflict resolution, media and journalism, etc. Intersociety is globally rated and respected for its forensic facts findings using knowledge of local and international law and criminology, research, investigation and documentation and several years of field experience. With respect to the subject matter under campaign, Intersociety had meticulously followed and is still following the patterns and trends of the operations of the Nigerian security forces in Eastern Nigeria in the past fourteen months (October2020-December 2021).

This we have done so as to ascertain their conformity or otherwise with the laws of Nigeria and several regional and international treaty laws willingly acceded to by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. These include laws guiding conflict and non-conflict situations including their policing or soldiering. Such pieces of guidance are clearly provided in the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court of 1998. Knowledgeably, conduct atrocities in non-armed conflict situations constitute crimes against humanity while same under armed conflict situations guided by the Principles of “Jus In Bellum”, “Jus Ad Bellum” and “Jus Post Bellum” are a clear case of war crimes and other internationally prohibited atrocities.

Researched And Compiled By:

Emeka Umeagbalasi

Criminologist & Graduate of Security Studies

Master of Science, Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution

Assisted By:

·         Chinwe Umeche Esquire, LLB, BL

Head of Democracy & Good Government Department

·         Obianuju Joy Igboeli Esquire, LLB, BL

Head, Civil Liberties & Rule of Law Department

·         Chidimma Eva Udegbunam Esquire, LLB, BL

Head of Campaign & Publicity Department

·         Chinaza Ndidiamaka Bernard Esquire, LLB, BL, LLM (ICT Law)

Head of Int’l Justice & Human Rights Program

·         Comrade Samuel Kamanyaoku, HND

Head of Field Data & Documentation

·         Comrade Chibueze Nwajiaku, B.Sc.

Deputy Head, Policing & Law Enforcement Department


Phone/WhatsApp: +23474090052



References: Dated 31st May 2021, it is our first report on how police, soldiers, DSS and other security agencies deployed to Eastern Nigerian States of Abia, Anambra, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo and Rivers hatefully and falsely label, abduct, kill or disappear innocent and defenseless Easterners; a detailed account. . Dated 2nd June 2021, the link contained Intersociety’s detailed letter to Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police and Chairman of the Police Service Commission requesting for immediate investigation, review and unconditional release of all the wrongly arrested or abducted and falsely labeled citizens and discontinuation of same in Eastern Nigeria. Ten names, out of the wrongly arrested and falsely labeled victims were also mentioned and the letter led to their release after weeks in detention. . Dated 14th June 2021, the link contained our special report on alarming rate of arrests, abductions, indefinite detentions, disappearances and extrajudicial killings in Eastern Nigeria, especially since January 2021 and between October and November 2020 if the Obigbo Army massacre, abductions and sexual violence of Oct/November 2020 are added. Dated 17th June, 2021, the link contained our investigation specifically detailing the indiscriminate killing of innocent and defenseless citizens and criminalization of their persons and social conducts before and after their death to justify their humiliations and killings outside the law Dated 20th June, 2021, this link is our special report which identified all senior army commanders in Eastern Nigeria responsible for many of the abductions, killings and disappearances of civilian citizens in Eastern Nigeria since January 2021 Dated 29th June, 2021, the link is our investigative finding identifying and exposing the senior officers of the Nigeria Police Force’s Force Intelligence Bureau, Abuja involved in the 6th June 2021 assassination attempt on the life of Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the Lawyer to the Indigenous People of Biafra and killing and burning the corpse of his personal aide, Samuel Okoro, a seven foot tall man of 43years old. Dated 6th July 2021, the link contained Intersociety’s   special report disclosing the identities of 300 of the 3000 abducted/arrested and detained innocent citizens of Eastern Nigeria by soldiers, police, DSS and other branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces in the past eight months or Oct/November 2020 to June 2021. The period also covers the two months siege by Nigerian Army on Obigbo part of Rivers State during which no fewer than 110 civilians were massacred, 550 others abducted including several young women who were severely and severally raped or sexually assaulted in Army captivity.  Included in the link are the 112 defenseless Obigbo residents in Rivers State, abducted and secretly held by soldiers since Oct/November 2020 till date at the Army’s Alpha Military Commando Base in Niger State, North-Central Nigeria.

Dated 6th and 7th July 2021, the three links below contained the Sahara Reporters’ news reports extracted from the  special report and published as numbered: (1)

(2), (3)

Dated July 8, 2021, the link below exposes the latest promotions in the Nigeria Police Force announced by the Police Service Commission where out of the 24 Commissioners of Police promoted to the rank of AIG, 18 are Northern Muslims, two Northern Christians, three Southwest and only one is from the Southeast. The ranks of new CPs, DCPs, ACPs and CSPs are also dominated by Northern Muslims in the new promotion list. These systematic ‘structural violence’ and Islamization policy are remotely responsible for sustained attacks and security and safety vulnerability of the population of the old Eastern Nigeria.

The link is here:

Dated 10th August 2021, it is a detailed investigative report on grisly and egregious massacre of innocent and defenseless citizens of Eastern Nigeria by security forces. The investigative findings not only captured statistics of the killings but also exposed the profiles of senior police officers spearheading the massacre including the immediate past Commissioner of Police in Imo State, Mr. Abutu Yaro and disgraced DCP Abba Kyari, who was recently indicted in USA in a multimillion dollar international fraud The duo of CP Abutu Yaro and DCP Abba Kyari were jointly responsible for the death of no fewer than 240 deaths in 220 days or 1st January to 10th August 2021. Names of senior military officers involved are contained in one of the links attached above. In the end, no fewer than 470 mostly defenseless citizens were found to have beenKilled, 820 disappeared and 3,250 abducted between January and early August 2021. The link is here:

Dated 2nd Sept 2021, the link below contained our updated statement and finding, showing that the Nigerian security forces had continued their killing spree in Eastern Nigeria, accompanied by false labeling and criminal stigmatization. The statement statistically indicated that over 50 mostly unarmed and defenseless citizens were killed in Imo in August 2021 alone; and 550 killed, 850 disappeared and no fewer than 3,400 abducted or unlawfully arrested and falsely labeled since January 2021. The link is here:

Dated 14th Sept 2021, the link captures and summarizes the mass killings, maiming, torture, unlawful arrests, abductions and disappearances targeted at unarmed, defenseless and innocent citizens  in Eastern Nigeria perpetrated by Nigerian security forces particularly soldiers of the Nigerian Army and personnel of the Nigeria Police Force between August 2015 and Sept 2021, a period of six years. In all, no fewer than 1,300 were massacred, 1,500 injured, thousands died indirectly, 10,000 unlawfully arrested and 3000 disappeared and zero convictions recorded by Government of Nigeria in its bogus and phantom accusations.

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