Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Maureen Okpe

Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Ohanenye has disclosed that legal action will be taken against the mother and stepfather, Mr Ifeanyi and Mrs Christabel Ewuru, in Enugu state over negligence and child molestation of their eight-year old daughter.

Ohanenye made the disclosure during a media briefing in Abuja.

According to her, the ministry is making concerted efforts to ensure the survivor gets justice, and also serve as deterrent to others.

She said, “This eight year-old girl has been molested severally by her stepfather, who has given her diseases, broken her walls, which has been confirmed in the hospital, also by the lawyer and mother of this girl.

“The matter was taken to court, but unfortunately, the magistrate released this man on bail.We want to know why he was released despite the allegations against him simply because the woman cried that she didn’t want her husband to be jailed.

“What about the voiceless girl? What about the torture, emotional pains the girl went through and threat not to disclose the molestation?

“We are suing the man on behalf of the young girl to make sure he pays for his sin, the rule of law must prevail, The truth must prevail. Justice must be done on behalf of this young girl,” she assured.

She further noted that, the establishment of mobile courts will hasten up the prosecution of SGBV and other harmful practices against women and children, as well as ensure survivors get justice.

“These are things that will make this girl feel better and this will not affect her in future as it should have done if she sees for sure that actions were being taken.

“No more room for these things in this country. No more business as usual. You commit a crime, you go in for it.

Also, on the refusal of the Maitama General Hospital to treat the late Miss Greatness Olorunfemi, a victim of “one chance”, which led to her death at the hospital, the minister said a pre-action letter will be sent to the staff and management on duty.

“We were able to get the names of those on duty that day, the Medical Director and Chief Matron, Accident and Emergency.

“We have written a pre-action letter, which they will get to tell them about our intention to take them to court. And we are giving them seven days to reply to that.

“Then we are writing to the Public Complaints Committee at the National Assembly to look into the matter and call not only these people but all the CMDs of hospitals in FCT and even across for these issues to be addressed once and for all. Nigerians can not continue dying carelessly.

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