Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Princess Kelechi

The Presidential Advisory Committee (PACAC) has urged all African leaders to  lead the fight against corruption in the continent, saying natiijs are experiencing “unprecedented turmoil”.

Proffessor Itse Sagay, Chairman, PACAC on a statement on Monday, warned that corruption poses existential threat to the world, and even UNO is not spared. He also noted that Nigeria and Africa at large are worst hit by corruption.

Accoridng to him, Nigeria and the rest of the continent can only be state and prosperous if corruption is tackled hence the need to take action.

“As fellow Nigerians and Africans can see, corruption poses an existential threat to the world. Even UNO is not spared. The high and mighty are accused of corruption. The private sector and the public sector are debilitated by corruption,” he stated.

“The sports world is affected by corruption. Nations are experiencing unprecedented turmoil because of the ravages of corruption. Africa and Nigeria are no exception and are worse hit by corruption. 

“I salute the African Union for keeping hope alive regarding the need to have a stable and prosperous Africa via checkmating corruption. I beseech all African leaders to lead from the front in fighting corruption for a better society on the continent,” Sagay urged.

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