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COVID-19 Blame-Game: America and China Take their Rivalry to the World Health Organisation

•The annual global health assembly is scarred by rows over Taiwan’s absence and access to drugs to fight covid-19 AFTER THE second world war the world decided it needed a new global department of public health. Andrija Stampar, a round-faced, bespectacled, Yugoslavian doctor, opened the first-ever World Health Assembly (WHA) in

COVID-19: US Journalist Sets Up PR Firm to Build Africa-America Media Relation

•To improve Africa's economy through black Americans tourism Godsgift Onyedinefu Rashad McCrorey, a US-based Entrepreneur and Journalist has revealed plans to build a media relationship between Africa and Diasporan Africans in America with the establishment of a Public Relations (PR). He is currently on self-quarantine in Ghana being caught up by the

The New Scold War: America v China

A relationship long burdened by rivalry and suspicion has fallen into outright hostility You might have hoped that a pandemic would bring the world together. Instead covid-19 is tearing it apart. As the disease has spread, relations between America and China have plunged into an abyss from which they will struggle to

Weapons Of Mass Disruption: America is deploying a new economic arsenal to assert its power

•That is counterproductive and dangerous When donald trump arrived in the Oval Office he promised to restore America’s might. His method has turned out to be a wholesale weaponisation of economic tools. The world can now see the awesome force that a superpower can project when it is unconstrained by rules or