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America Is Turning Asia Into a Powder Keg

•The Perils of a Military-First Approach By Van Jackson Asia is trending in a dangerous direction. Across the continent, advanced missile technology is proliferating among U.S. friends and rivals alike. Nuclear powers are undertaking expansive nuclear modernization efforts. Democratization is stalling and, in some cases, rolling back. And the economic influence of the

US vs China: The New Cold War

•America, China, and the Echoes of History By Hal Brands and John Lewis Gaddis Is the world entering a new cold war? Our answer is yes and no. Yes if we mean a protracted international rivalry, for cold wars in this sense are as old as history itself. Some became hot, some didn’t:

America Hasn’t Lost Its Demographic Advantage

•Its Rivals Are in Much Worse Shape By Nicholas Eberstadt The United States’ global preeminence owes a great deal to demographics. After the collapse and fragmenting of the Soviet Union, the United States became the world’s third most populous country, behind the giants China and India. By comparison to other developed countries, the

Why America’s Trillion-Dollar War on Terrorism Couldn’t Defeat Boko Haram

•A new book emphasizes the perils of social media campaigns and the limits of military intervention in saving Nigeria’s Chibok children. By Nosmot Gbadamosi, a features journalist covering West Africa In April 2014, the hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons was on a yacht cruising in the Caribbean when he tweeted about the 276 girls kidnapped by

America vs China: The US Intelligence Report on Decentralisation of Global Governance

•Read: US National Intelligence Council Releases Global Trends Report on China, Nigeria, Others By Evelyn Dan Epelle Two important documents that help shape worldview and influence policy making across the globe have been published. The office of the United State Director of National Intelligence (DNI) released declassified versions of its quadrennial Global Trends

Emigrating to America? Beware, they like their guns

In the land of the free, you’re most likely to die from random gun violence than from an attack by an enemy nation. It’s only four months into 2021, yet six mass shootings have already occurred including Thursday night’s incident at an Indianapolis FedEx facility. On April 15, eight people were killed

When America Couldn’t Bring Back Our Girls

•The U.S.’s failed efforts to rescue the Chibok girls kidnapped by Boko Haram illustrate the limits of its power. By Joe Parkinson and Drew Hinshaw In 2014, three months after Boko Haram militants kidnapped 276 girls from a school in the northeastern Nigerian town of Chibok, a photo landed on a bank of monitors in