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Five Eyes intelligence sharing has Failed to combat white nationalist terrorism

Van Jackson New Zealand may appear to be a paradise in the Pacific, but it is afflicted by many of the problems facing other liberal democracies, such as a rising suicide rate and deep socioeconomic inequalities with no clear solution. To this list of shared problems, tragically, one can now add white nationalist terrorism. The terrorist attacks in Christchurch

Canada unveils tougher regulations for drone operators

Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau on Wednesday unveiled tougher new regulations for drone operators, including minimum age, required certification and a prohibition on flying under the influence. His announcement comes after reports of drones near Britain’s Gatwick airport caused major travel disruptions over the Christmas holidays, and again on Tuesday at

US-China trade talks begin on positive note, but tech tensions loom

Joe Macdonald China has sounded a positive note ahead of trade talks this week with Washington, but the two sides face potentially lengthy wrangling over technology and the future of their economic relationship. Both sides have expressed an interest in settling their tariff fight over Beijing’s technology ambitions. Yet neither has indicated its stance

Republican congressman accuses Canada of ‘economic terrorism’

Wiconsin Rep. Sean Duffy (Republican) said Canada’s retaliatory tariffs against the U.S. are “economic terrorism. Europe, China, Canada and Mexico “want to shock us into submission by going after our (agriculture) instead of saying you know what, let’s reduce barriers,” he said on Fox News on July 25, 2018.   A

Why is Canada’s 150th birthday controversial?

CANADA celebrates its 150th birthday on July 1st. An estimated 500,000 people will gather on the lawns of the neo-Gothic parliament buildings in Ottawa on Saturday to hum along with the folksinger Gordon Lightfoot (yes, he’s still alive) and to ooh and aah at the fireworks display, which its sponsor

Canada commits $450M for Africa peace operations

DAKAR, Senegal Canada is committing CAN$450 million to support peace operations in Africa, the country’s ambassador to West Africa said Friday. Forty percent of that fund will be spent on fighting terrorism, Lise Filiatrault said in an interview with sub regional broadcaster West Africa Democracy Radio. Her comments came as Canada and the