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US: No, this is all shades of wrong!

By Senator Iroegbu My take… There is dignity in losing a contest be it in sports or election. It's also not always how long but how well. Look at the Georgian strong woman, Ms. Stacey Abraham, who pioneered the blue wave that is to reshape the US politics. The black woman

Again, US Adds Nigeria to List of world’s Worst Religious Freedom Violators

By Darryl Coote The United States President Donald Trump administration has added Nigeria to a list of the world's worst violators of religious freedom, opening up the African nation to punitive measures. The State Department designated Nigeria for the first time as a Country of Particular Concern on Monday under the International Religious Freedom

How popular is China in Africa? New survey sheds light on what ordinary people think

By  Folashade Soule, University of Oxford, and Edem E. Selormey, Centre for Democratic Development Ghana It’s been 20 years since the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation was first held. Another summit is planned for September 2021 in Dakar, Senegal. Meanwhile, Chinese and African officials are reviewing and reflecting on their two-decade relationship. China’s growing engagement with Africa has

Like in Africa, Chinese Are Buying Up America

Editors Note: There is growing concern in Africa of gradual but sustained encroachment of China into the socio-political and economic structures of the continent. In Nigeria, there was also apprehension over the controversial clause inserted into the Chinese loan that allegedly threatens the soeveringty of the country. It however, seems

China Loses Trust Internationally over Handling of COVID-19 Pandemic

*YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project shows most people believe China was not transparent Patrick Wintour and Tobi Thomas China appears to have comprehensively lost the international battle for hearts and minds over its handling of coronavirus with most people believing it was responsible for the start of the outbreak and was not transparent about the problem