Thu. May 30th, 2024
Senator Iroegbu

Abdullah Abu Shawesh, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Nigeria, has once again criticized the United States for vetoing the Palestine State’s bid for full membership at the United Nations. He condemned the veto as a tacit endorsement of the alleged Israeli genocide in Gaza. Speaking in Abuja over the weekend to mark the 202nd day of the war in Gaza, Ambassador Shawesh expressed dismay at the US decision, which he argued further entrenched the Israeli occupation.

The US veto, which occurred on April 19, blocked a Palestinian request to the United Nations Security Council for full membership, effectively preventing Palestine from becoming the 194th member state of the United Nations. Shawesh highlighted the US rationale for the veto, citing concerns that Palestinian full membership would not contribute to a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He criticized this stance as unfair and accused the US of backing the Israeli occupation while characterizing it as a just conflict.

Quoting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Ambassador Shawesh reiterated the Palestinian leadership’s frustration with US support for the occupation and its failure to pressure Israel to halt its actions. He accused the United States of violating international laws and reneging on promises regarding the two-state solution and peace in the region.

Highlighting the grim toll of the conflict, Ambassador Shawesh provided staggering statistics on Palestinian casualties and human rights violations, including thousands killed, injured, and detained, as well as widespread destruction of infrastructure and educational facilities. He emphasized the urgent need for international intervention to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank.

The envoy’s remarks underscored the ongoing plight of the Palestinian people and the challenges they face in their quest for self-determination and justice. As tensions persist in the region, calls for accountability and action to end the cycle of violence and occupation continue to reverberate on the international stage.

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