Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Maureen Okpe

The hospitality industry is termed to be a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food, drinks, event hosting, hotels, restaurants and bar.

In Nigeria when thinking of an all in one place service for the aforementioned , it is no doubt that the Transcorp Hilton is the first name to register in the sector as well as around the globe.

In hospitality business particularly in the nations capital, it is no longer news that Transcorp Hilton is known for topnotch services that stands as the hotel main advertorial as experiences told in good light sells fast.

This is stemming from the fact that Transcorp Hilton has attained an exceptional level of service delivery with regards to the hospitality industry measured,  although not only the criteria, but the constant influx of people and amount of car parked at various time of the day.

This brings me to recount a recent lunch date with senior colleagues and Boss; Senator Ireogbu a very rare kind, at Transcorp Hilton and i am still reeling at the experience.

At the table, my Boss, a seasoned journalist Senator Ireogbu, could not help but recount as he described it “his best moment in a home away from home” during his honeymoon. According to him no experience has been able to beat the service he enjoined in that one time of spending nights at the hotel. This is a man that has travelled outside the shores of Nigeria on countless occassions.

As discussions were ongoing on our table i could not help but notice the prompt attention to clients seated, the immediate picking up of used dishes, the questions on what is needed with specifics and suggestions from the staff at the restaurant, it was i lunch date i wished never to end.

Transcorp Hilton being a brand shows itself apropraitely in services rendered as this piece will not be complete without a
description on delicacies my taste bud

As much as i wanted, i could not get to sample all the meals displayed at the Bukka Restaurant in Transcorp, ranging from our local cuisines, to pastries, salads, soups, and all. I remembered vividly, after the starter course of chicken peppersoup, i ate the Nigerian fried rice with shrimps, aaah😋.

This was in a class of its own, a perfect taste that is not just over the top but gives that taste of complete pleasure and makes rice taste even better.

A visit to Abuja, without a visit to Transcorp Hilton is incomplete as no hotel does it better. In hosting of events, lodging, bar services, and lots more.

While at it do make a date to taste their exciting dishes, the staff have a wonderful way of filling you in on available options. Myself i  like to recommend the Nigeria fried rice with shrimp and lest i forget the beetroot drink, one of a kind.

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