Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

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The United Nations organization for migration, IOM, has stressed on the need for Europe to give more friendly policy on migrants noting that the country would need migrant workers to help boost its economy in the near future

Vice Director of “la Repubblica”, Gianluca Di Feo, while stressing on the need for integration and corporation between Africa and Europe argued that the current demography of Europe make case for more migrant workers who would help savor their economy in the near future.

He stated this during the day two-day conference in Italy on “improving of the narrative of migration in West-Central Africa and Europe.”

Di feo said “We see immigration as a problem but what we foresee as the biggest challenge for the future is integration I mean we have demography that’s going to really need a deep corporation with Africa for survival

“Looking at our population, we are rich old and tired while Africa is young and full of energy, so we have to find a way to share our visions for better future,” he explained.

Europe has frown and showed intolerance to migration insinuating that it’s incessant and burdensome, however IOM noted that International migrants represent only 3.6% and statistically 80% of migrants move within their continent.

The Director, IOM Italy, Coordination office for the Mediterranean, Lawrence Hart slam maltreatment and stereotype of migrants noting that at a time when nearly four million Ukrainian refugees are welcomed in one month in Europe, a few thousand African migrants were struggling to be absorbed by Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Malta among others

“We must build bridges between the countries of origin, transit, and arrival of migrants. We must deconstruct misinformation and journalists must help combat racism on the perception of migration through their narration of the subject,” Hart noted.

Oim Italy Spokesperson, Flavio Di Giacomo, reminds journalists from Senegal, Mauritania, Niger, Tunisia, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria and Europe that figures on migratory flows are often exaggerated.

In Italy, for example, he said there are nearly 500,000 irregular migrants, while nearly 5 million regular immigrants contribute to the increase in Italian GDP.

Flavio Di Giacomo lament shrinking possibilities to enter Europe, hence the irregular migration which endangers the migrants and promote crimes such as trafficking and smuggling.

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