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Be afraid of the world, be very afraid

•Five global problems that are getting worse—and may never get better.   Stephen M. Walt   A man on a rooftop looks at approaching flames on May 3, 2013, near Camarillo, California. DAVID MCNEW/GETTY IMAGES Who’s right: Cassandra or Dr. Pangloss? Are we on the brink of serious trouble, as Cassandra of Greek myth prophesied,

Dasuki: US arrests citizen over illegal arms deal with Nigeria  

Jude Johnson   The United States  government has arrested a Californian man over illegally brokering the sale of military-grade weapons to the Nigerian government under the former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (rtd). Ara Dolarian, 58, was arrested last week in the central California city of Fresno for arms deal

Threats would mean ‘Official End’ of Iran, Trump warns in tweet

Seung Min Kim President Trump warned Sunday that threats from Iran against the United States would mark that nation’s “official end” — taking a sharply more aggressive tone after a rocket landed inside Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone near the US Embassy amid increasing tensions in the region. No one has claimed responsibility

US blacklists China’s tech giant Huawei, 70 affiliates

Huawei hits back after Trump declares national emergency on telecoms 'threat' Order ‘unreasonable’ and will harm US consumers, says Huawei Move bars business with firms posing national security risk Jude Johnson with Agency reports The United States Commerce Department said on Wednesday it is adding Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and 70

Trump’s new immigration plan emphasizes skills and education over family connections

KEY POINTS President Donald Trump will unveil a sweeping new proposal Thursday designed to move the United States from a family-based immigration system to what administration officials describe as an employment- and skill-based system. The proposal includes two parts – a physical infrastructure component that would include border wall construction and

Visa Restriction: Over 29,000 Nigerian migrants ‘overstayed’ in 2018–US

Jude Johnson Facts have emerged why the United States  Embassy imposed a new Visa restriction against Nigeriand applying to travel to America with 'Drop Box' suspended. This may be a fallout of an estimated 29,723 Nigerian immigrants living in the United States that overstayed their US non-immigrant tourism/business (B1/B2) visas between October

Trump expected to sign order banning Chinese tech giant, Huawei

David Shepardson   President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order this week barring U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment made by firms posing a national security risk, paving the way for a ban on doing business with China’s Huawei, three U.S. officials familiar with the plan told Reuters. The order,

With caution to avoid war US shares Iran intel with EU allies

•Mike Pompeo meets with Vladimir Putin After making an unplanned stop in Brussels to meet with European leaders, the US secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is due to discuss arms control, election interference, and Iran with Russia’s president in Sochi. Ukraine, Venezuela, and North Korea will reportedly round out the agenda. But this

Why states can’t stop vigilantes terrorizing immigrants at the border

Shahrukh Khan The United Constitutional Patriots, an armed militia at the southern border in New Mexico, has drawn intense scrutiny after live-streaming its activities on social media. Groups like the UCP routinely litter parts of the border with traps of all brands to discourage — and now detain at gunpoint —