Thu. May 30th, 2024
By The ChinaAfrica Project

The German consumer data service Statista published an interesting map on Tuesday that visualizes Africa’s two-decade-long transition from relying on imports from France and other European countries (possibly even the U.S.) to China.

While the visualization is intriguing, the use of the word “takeover” in the infographic’s title is regrettable as it once against frames Africa as some sort of contested prize or something to be acquired. Paired with China in the headline, “takeover” is not an editorially neutral word.

Also, the statement by Statista Data Journalist Martin Armstrong in the accompanying article that “China has been the largest foreign investor in Africa for a number of years now” is not consistent with the findings of analysts at Ernst & Young (EY) who compile the most authoritative yearly report on African FDI.  “France was the largest investor into Africa followed by the U.S., the UK, and China, based on FDI project numbers,” according to EY’s 2021 Africa Attractiveness Report.

Credits | The ChinaAfrica Project

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