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A New Cold War: Rivalry To Grow Between China, Russia And The USA As Globalization Ends

By Mike O'Sullivan The upturn in the world economy and the assured arrival in power of the Biden administration will have many commentators pondering as to whether globalization is back, after a violent interregnum during the Trump years. I believe globalization is finished. To take trade as an example, if trade bounces

Are Russia and China Preparing for War?

By Eugene K. Chow The frozen tundra along Russia’s far-eastern border with China is becoming a hot zone as both nations deploy nuclear-capable missiles to the area. Are two of the world’s most advanced militaries preparing for war with one another? In June, Russia armed [3] a fourth brigade in the far east with the

US deploys advanced missile system to Lithuania near Russia

The US has deployed the Patriot missile system to Lithuania to be used in NATO military drills, the first time the advanced missiles have been sent to the Baltics near Russia's border. The long-range anti-aircraft missile battery was brought to the Siauliai military airbase on Monday, ahead of the Tobruk Legacy exercise, and will be withdrawn