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The Drums of War in Taiwan and Ukraine

In their rhetoric as well as in their military investment, training, and deployment decisions, China and Russia have both clearly signaled their aggressive strategic intentions. The task now is to ensure that their misguided militarism does not upend longstanding security arrangements in East Asia and Europe. By Carl Bildt The vastness

US vs China: The New Cold War

•America, China, and the Echoes of History By Hal Brands and John Lewis Gaddis Is the world entering a new cold war? Our answer is yes and no. Yes if we mean a protracted international rivalry, for cold wars in this sense are as old as history itself. Some became hot, some didn’t:

The Moment of Truth over Taiwan is Getting Closer

The US and China are engaged in a dangerous game of military poker over the future of the island By Gideon Rachman Would America go to war over Taiwan? That question has seemed fairly abstract for decades. Now it is increasingly urgent. The Chinese air force sent around 150 jets into Taiwan’s air-defence identification zone in the

Do the US and China Have a ‘Taiwan Agreement’?

US President Joe Biden’s claim of a “Taiwan agreement” sparks confusion as Beijing ramps up military pressure on Taiwan. By Erin Hale Do the United States and China have an agreement on Taiwan’s political status? The question was raised on Tuesday when US President Joe Biden told reporters that he and his Chinese counterpart,

Compete and Coexist: US, China Could Develop New Concept of Relationship between Great Nations–Graham Allison

By Chen Qingqing and Bai Yunyi Editor's note: In recent days, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi suggested China and the US should open dialogue at all levels as any issue can be brought to the table for negotiations. As the bilateral relationship between the world's two largest